Pauline Croze In A Kitchen

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of one dream, and I remember finding a website that had one or more new fictional Pauline Croze songs (which were all in French as usual) available for download; and one of the new fictional songs was a special fictional new song that Ms. Croze had performed only once in a video, but someone had converted the audio from the video to MP3 and they had the song available online for free & so I downloaded it.

I then searched for any other new Pauline Croze songs, but I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that I remember walking into a kitchen that looked like my grandfather’s kitchen.

I am not sure when or how the people arrived in the kitchen with me but I remember a man with medium-brown colored skin & short black colored hair standing in front of me to my left next to the refrigerator, I stood in front of the sink, to my right was a man with whitish colored skin & light-medium colored hair, and in front of him & I was Pauline Croze sitting on a stool between the man by the refrigerator & the stove; and I am guessing that she had a classical guitar (an acoustic nylon string(ed) guitar).

Ms. Croze spoke & sang/sung only in French the entire dream, the man by the refrigerator spoke only English, the man next to me spoke English & French, and I was too busy focusing on translating from French to English in my mind to talk. 😀

Ms. Croze would talk a bit before and after each song that she performed, which were all in French, and most if not all of them were fictional songs; and I focused hard on trying to understand and/or translate from French to English, which was fun.

I was able to understand a few words here-and-there and I was able to understand/know/guess/comprehend some of what was being said without translating exactly, and I focused on various words, pitches, tones, facial expressions, et cetera to help me understand what was being said.

I was focused very hard on trying to make sense of everything that was in French and I was able to focus more than I usually can in dreams, since I did not have any other distractions, and so I was able to enjoy the moment(s) listening to & trying to understand her songs & what she talked about before & after each song.

At some point Ms. Croze stopped to let us ask questions and the man by the refrigerator asked her a question in English about a certain type of school(s) that I can not remember & he wondered if they had that type of school in France or not; but Ms. Croze had a hard time trying to understand his question since it was in English & the way the man asked the question, and the man next to me had to translate for her in French & he explained it better in English.

The man next to me described the schools/that type of school in English as Makeshift Schools or something like that, and then Ms. Croze started to answer the question in French as the man next to me translated what she said from French to English so that the other man could understand her answer; and I listened intensely translating and trying to understand every French word spoken.

Instead of asking Ms. Croze a question myself, I decided to continue to focus on each French word being spoken instead.

The man next to me asked Ms. Croze a question in French and she responded in French, and this is my French to English translation of what they said:

“Man: Ms. Croze when and how did you come up with that special new song that you had previously performed only on video (but it was one of the songs that she performed for us in the kitchen)?

Ms. Croze: Well, one day I got an invitation to perform in (a city that started with a M, I think it was Marseille), and I was surprised & honored & I happily accepted the invitation.

Ms. Croze: When I got to the city the weather was great that day, the people were nice, and I came up with that new song that day; and I performed it during the concert which was recorded on video.

Ms. Croze: I had a lot of fun performing that day and the crowd enjoyed, we had a wonderful time.

Man: So what is that song about exactly and what were your exact inspirations for it?

Ms. Croze: *Smiles, Laughs* Well, (The rest I was not able to translate to English, but I did understand some of it, but I am not sure how to type it in English exactly). 😀

Man: *Smiles* (Speaks In French, but I can not translate but I can understand some of it, but I am not sure how to type it in English exactly). :D”

While they are talking in French, I am intensely listening & I am understanding some of what they are saying, but the other man by the refrigerator has no idea what is being said, which I find to be funny/amusing. 😀

Instead of talking out-loud with them, I start trying to practice words & sentences in French that I can use to talk with them, as I follow some of their French conversation, which I seem to be following without translating much & by knowing/understanding/guessing instead.

I tried to go over some possible French responses in my mind first, so that I would not have such a hard time when I started trying to speak with them.

Since I was able to understand some of their conversation in French, I even laughed & smiled at some parts of their conversation that I could understand, which was fun. 😀

Before I prepared my mind enough to start speaking French with them, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂