10-2-2011 | Dream Journal| Punching In A Dream And In Real Life At The Same Time

Karate: Seiken
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This morning I woke up abruptly from a dream at 4:Something AM to the sound and to the impact of my right fist punching the wall with one right hand straight/cross, and my bottom two knuckles hit the wall instead of my first two knuckles because the wall was so close.

Fortunately the wall, myself, and no one else was injured; but I did wake up a few people with the loudness of the impact of my punch hitting the wall.

I woke up doing the last action that I had done in my dream/that I was doing in my dream.

I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember some of my family and I watching a fictional Japanese Anime that I think had something to do with a woman and some other people who might have been students.

Some parts of the dream were about the Japanese Anime and other parts were about what my family and I were doing while & after watching the Japanese Anime & maybe there was also a dream within a dream at some point or just another layer to the dream.

I remember my dad commenting about the Japanese Anime and then later I remember being in another layer of the dream or in a dream within a dream, and it was during the day & my mom was there.

I remember a part where a woman either directly in the dream or on a TV commercial in the dream was talking/promoting tourism to a country that I think the woman said was next to Jordan, but I think that the country was a fictional country or at least a country that I had never heard of before.

The woman had whitish colored skin & maybe blondish colored hair that was probably in a somewhat short professional business-like style/cut & she was professionally dressed like a salesperson or something and she spoke in a strange almost French-like English accent sometimes that I had never heard before, her accent did not seem French exactly, but it slightly reminded me of a strange French-like accent; but I do not think that the woman was from a French-speaking country originally, but she may have learned English from people with French English accents or something.

I remember the woman saying that the country that she was promoting was not her original country, and that she used to and/or still enjoyed vacationing and/or living there; and the woman compared the country to Jordan & another country that were supposedly near by & she described how the country was better than those two countries in her opinion in several areas, but she said Jordan & the other country in that strange French-like English accent & she pronounced both countries incorrectly.

She said that the country allowed women to wear what they wanted in private, that the country was more focused on Comfort than Jordan or the other country, that women could go in public alone but they had to walk behind not in front of men when possible, that the country was very welcome to non-citizens, and she mentioned a few other things about the country & how it compared to Jordan & the other country.

While she talked there were clips of her talking, clips of the country, and maybe clips of Jordan & the other country.

I remember seeing water & several people riding on boats to a small city made of tan-colored mud or sand-like buildings, and the country did not seem very big.

At some point I remember being in another layer of the dream where my mom & I were in my parent’s automobile during the day in an unknown parking lot in an unknown place; and my mom was saying that somebody/some group might be after her/us, trying to kill/assassinate us for some reason.

She was afraid to leave the unknown country/world/city that we were in alone, and she suggested that we hire some bodyguards to help us safely leave; but she was afraid that we might not make it long enough to even hire some bodyguards.

I was concerned for her safety and I wondered if she could be correct since I had no idea what was going on, it was like I had just appeared in this dream layer/world or something, and so I started to look around for threats before we got out of the automobile to go find some bodyguards.

We got out of the automobile but then another automobile pulled up not far from us on our left side with some suspicious looking men who looked like gang members & they got out, and on our right in the distance I saw a suspicious looking man/person who could have been one of the assassins.

One of the gang member looking men started walking toward us like he was going to pull out a gun or something, and so I remember throwing a green grape at him & it hit him which caused him to stop; then he threw the grape back at me & it hit me hard enough to hurt a bit, and then I threw some green grapes at the other men to distract them too & they threw the grapes back & I got hit by a few which hurt a bit.

The suspicious assassin looking man/person in the distance on our right side was watching all of this very closely, like he/it was waiting for an opportunity to attack by stealth and/or he/it was just spying on us, and then the gang member looking man near us ran toward us to attack.

I yelled to my mom to run & to avoid the assassin looking man/person as she ran, and then I ran in front of her to shield her & to intercept the man who was charging in to attack us; and the other gang member looking men started to act like they were going to help their friend if he needed their help to defeat me.

I was worried for my mom’s safety & I wanted to quickly defeat the man & distract the other men, and then run to make sure that my mom was not in danger from the assassin looking man/person or anyone else.

I ran forward toward the man as he ran toward us, I put my left hand up to block the side of my face, and I threw a right hand straight counter punch as I shifted myself to dodge his first punch while hitting him with my punch at the same time.

But I woke up in the real world at 4:Something AM to the sound & impact of myself punching the wall on my left side with my right hand with that punch instead, exactly how I was throwing my punch in the dream & my left hand was probably blocking the side of my head; it was a standard defense block, dodge, and attack move.

I felt perfectly awake & clear and not tired at all & my muscles were not stiff, it was like I had not been asleep at all, which is odd, I woke up the night before feeling this way.

Surprisingly I did not hurt my knuckles or the wall, and surprisingly my body had allowed me to move enough to turn my body to my left side to punch the wall; exactly how I was doing in the dream at the same time, I only threw one punch, fortunately.

The sound of me punching the wall was pretty loud and woke up a few people, and I let them know that everything was okay; except that I had awakened to myself punching the wall, which was the exact last thing that I was doing in the dream when I woke up.

My plan in the dream was to hit the man with a counter punch and knock him off of his feet, then charge at the other men & try to knock them off their feet, and then run to check on my mom.

I was able to get straight out of bed feeling perfectly awake & not tired & perfectly clear like I had never been sleeping & I did & still do not feel sleepy or like going back to sleep, I feel perfectly okay, which is strange; and I felt this way when I woke up yesterday.

This is rare for my body to wake up doing the last thing in my dream in the real world, and I have noticed it since I have taken 20mg of Fluoxetine for almost a year now; and I have mentioned it to the doctor, but he is not the type to listen very well & he did not seem to believe and/or think and/or care that it might be caused by the medicine.

I ran out of medicine one or two days ago, and I did donate blood recently; but this rare phenomenon appears to had started since I have taken the medicine, which is not a huge problem at this time, but it is not cool especially if someone is sleeping next to me one day but fortunately it is very rare.

Now the strange way that I woke up the last two mornings (feeling clear, energized, like had not even been sleeping, not tired, muscle not stiff, et cetera) is probably related to running out of medicine and/or donating blood recently.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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