Hide & Seek & Fight & A Woman Loses Control

During the day I came close to remembering some of my dream fragments, but I still can not remember those, but I can remember part of several other dream fragments.

The dream fragments took place in my grandfather’s yard & by the G house & by one or more fictional areas that I can not remember, and the dream fragments took place over several different jumps in time.

That mostly followed a conflict(s) between a man & a woman, and occasionally several other people would join/enter into the conflict(s), such as myself.

I do not remember why the man & woman were fighting, but I remember some scenes involving guns, some scenes involving mêlée weapons, and some scenes involving hand-to-hand combat.

The dream fragments took place during the day and they were basically following a game of hide & seek & fighting between a man & a woman & whoever else would join and/or accidentally enter the battle zone, but it was not a game in the recreational sense, it was serious.

I think that the woman looked like the actress Helena Bonham Carter during some of the dream fragments and I think that she looked like the actress Demi Moore during other parts of the dream fragments and her appearance might have changed one or more times because the woman seemed to be evolving/changing as the dream fragments progressed.

I remember helping the man during some of the dream fragments in his game of hide & seek & fighting against the woman, for some reason that I can not remember & I felt that he was the good guy in the situation at first, and most of the conflict/combat was hit & run & hide; and so we rarely engaged in combat for very long & we mostly sneaked around searching for each other & then we would shoot our guns at each other and/or fight briefly & then run & hide.

There was verbal taunting that took place often and the man & woman seemed very angry with each other about something, and sometimes innocent people walking by would get caught in the conflict; and sometimes a group of women who I think were Catholic nuns, would enter the conflict to fight against the man and/or the woman, but I can not remember which exactly.

The dream fragments are confusing because time would jump forward a few hours or days sometimes, and the dream characters would change a bit & the woman seemed to be improving in her hiding & combat abilities as time when on, like she was learning.

At some point shortly after an innocent woman got hurt while walking by the conflict and after the nun-like women were forced out of the conflict & they fled the conflict, I finally got tired of the conflict & I tried to get the man & woman to stop fighting, but they would not stop; and so I left the conflict & I continued to try to convince them to stop fighting & resolve their conflict peacefully.

Eventually the woman ran out of bullets & mêlée weapons, and she was forced to charge the man, who had a handgun with only a few bullets left; and they both started to fight an intense fight, and the woman managed to knock the handgun out of the man’s hand using an old helmet or something that was in my grandfather’s yard.

The man started winning the fight as they fought on the ground & the battle was intense, they were yelling & taunting & the woman seemed to really be trying to kill the man, and I tried to get them to stop fighting; but they would not stop & so I stood there watching them fight their intense fight.

It was a wild, brutal, and intense fight & the woman started to come back & she started winning the fight to my surprise & she eventually defeated the man & she probably killed him.

I was shocked and saddened that I had failed to stop them and that the man was probably dead & that the woman had clearly lost control of herself, and then the woman continued to change into a very good guerrilla/ninja like fighter that was good at hiding, sneaking, and stealth attacks as the dream fragments continued.

The woman seemed to haunt the area and she continued to attack people who would come through the area and the nun-like women would occasionally come to hunt her, and I would try to find her so that I could try to convince her to stop; but the woman was so good at hiding that she could just vanish around a corner, and then she would do a sneak attack on you as you searched for her & then she would run around the corner of the G house & she would be gone again.

The nun-like women always worked in small groups, I am not sure who they were or where they would come from, but they would come & go occasionally to hunt the woman & I do not think that they seemed to be on my side & so I doubt that they were Dream Security; but then I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂

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