My Former Classmate DH Is Back From Army National Guard Basic Training?

Last night I barely remember part of one dream fragment, which took place in an unknown fictional place outside, and I remember my former classmate DH being there along with several of his family members.

I remember talking with several of his family members such as his mom & dad, and several unknown family members of his.

At some point I remember talking with DH and I was surprised that he was back from his Army National Guard Basic Training already, and I started to wonder if he had quit or something, because he was back earlier than he was supposed to be; but that was not something that I thought that he would do, and so I figured that it must have been another reason but I did not ask him & I hoped that he would tell me himself.

At some point he asked me if I thought that he had quit his Army National Guard Basic Training and come home, I answered his question, but he did not tell me if he had quit or not; and so I asked him, but there was a moment of silence.

I decided to change the conversation to another topic and I started to tell him about what some of his family members had told me earlier in the dream, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂