10-11-2011 | Dream Fragments | Where Did The Pool Water Go?

A swimming pool.

Last night I barely remember a few blurry dream fragments, which I think took place in a fictional version of D, and I remember going to a fictional version of the Dollar General store several times.

I remember my brother CC and his fictional girlfriend returning by automobile from a fictional mall, and CC had a tan female Chihuahua dog that he bought from the mall as a house pet; and they stopped in a fictional tunnel to hang out with some friends, and later CC decided to take the dog back to the mall.

At some point I remember something to do with a video game maybe and I think I was in the game at some parts & playing the game at other parts and/or some parts were not a video game but this part of the dream is very unclear & confusing & complex & blocked out, and I found a secret level that I have seen in a dream before; and the secret level was a puzzle & maze-like place with various threats & secrets to unlock.

I can not remember the specifics but there were secrets and/or special relics to unlock/find & special beings to meet in certain levels, and I remember maybe an angel-like statue and/or angel-like being at some point who looked female.

I have been to that place before, many things are hidden there & not many have found that place, and I do not think that I was allowed to remember; and I think that the angel-like being told me something and/or explained something to me and/or gave me some advice, but I can not remember what she/it said.

The outside of the place was hidden with plants like some ancient ruins in a secret hidden unknown place, and the entrance was hidden & there was a special way to enter the place; and once inside there were puzzles & mazes & challenges & secrets & beings & other things in many various hidden levels that you had to pass.

You had to pass various challenges & learn things in each level to reach the next one but first you had to find the level and I think that each level went deeper underground & deeper in a way that I can not describe, very deep, deeper than my childhood memory dreams deep; so deep that even in the dream my mind could not see, I would just see black when trying to think of the deeper levels.

I think that I have passed one or more levels before & that is how I knew how to enter the place, and I might have remembered some things during the dream, but there are many levels that I have not passed or seen yet; and I think that the angel-like being and I might have talked about my past time(s) in this place, and she/it reminded me about something.

I found something there but I can not remember what, I think that I was given a warning/reminder of how that object or knowledge was not to be shared outside of the place, and of those who were after the object/knowledge for negative purposes; but most of them have not found the place or even past one or more levels yet or something like that.

There are many things hidden in that place that only those who find them are allowed to see & know probably, and you can not share what you find with anyone outside of the place probably; and so each person probably has to find/reach it on their own.

That place is complex and deep with many levels, even now I can only see darkness when trying to think of it.

I might have either asked to not be allowed to remember upon waking or I was told that I would not be allowed to remember, probably for safety reasons, of the object/knowledge and/or myself and/or that was a rule(s)/the rule(s); but I can not remember, that is my guess.

There were several layers & perspectives to this part of the dream & knowings & remembrances & discoveries & knowledge/secrets & conversations, and so my memory is unclear/dark/missing/blocked on most of this.

Later in the dream I went with CC, his girlfriend, and someone else to swim at a small swimming pool during the evening or night; and no one else was there but us.

I swam back & forth across the pool at the speed of an Olympic swimmer or something, but the water level seemed to get lower each time that I swam across the pool; and at some point as I rested against the side of the pool, I turned around, and there was no more water in the pool.

I was confused and I wondered where the water had gone, and I got out of the pool; and then we saw at least 20 baby chicks/chickens in the pool, that belonged to my brothers D&D’s chickens; and so we started to catch them & put them into bags so that we could take them back home, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


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