10-14-2011 | Dream Fragments | Changing A Baby’s Diaper | Getting My Cousins JE And ME Out Of Jail | A Gang Of Kids With Racist Beliefs

English: Disposable diaper, size 12-25kg/26-55lb.
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Last night I barely remember part of three dreams, with the first dream taking place inside an unknown building, and I can not remember the beginning of the dream; but somehow I was holding a baby, but I can not remember who the baby was for or how I got the baby.

I think that the baby was a boy but I am not sure, and I remember that the baby needed its diaper changed; and so I took the baby to a public restroom to change its diaper.

I did not have anything for the baby except a spare diaper for changing the baby, and so I had to use napkins/tissue, soap, water from the sink, and instant hand sanitizer in the public bathroom; and I had to make a space to change the baby’s diaper.

I guess my subconscious used my real life experiences from having helped my parent’s raise my four brothers or something since I was quickly able to use what was available & easily change the baby’s diaper, to my conscious mind I barely have any memories of having helped my parent’s raise my four brothers now, but I made a mistake using the instant hand sanitizer because the baby started crying like it was burning its butt or something. *Note to self, do not try that in real life 😀 *

I started trying to comfort the baby & stop it from crying using some techniques that I used to use on my brothers when they were babies such as talking to the baby, patting it softly on the back while softly rocking(?) it, making goofy sounds & funny faces, and I apologized to the baby. 😀

The baby stopped crying and its diaper was changed, and so I carried it out of the bathroom while still talking to be baby; but that is all that I can remember, I guess I woke up or something shortly after that.

The next dream is also unclear and I remember arriving during the day to an unknown jail with an unknown woman & an unknown man, and inside the jail’s office we found out that my cousin ME & my cousin JE were in jail for some unknown reason.

We decided to see how much it would cost to get them out of jail and they said that it would cost $25 to get ME out of jail, to my surprise, but I am not sure how much it would cost to get JE out of jail; and so I agreed to pay to get ME out of jail and the woman & man agreed to pay to get JE out of jail.

I remember doing paperwork but I can not remember the rest, and I woke up.

The third dream is also unclear and I was driving around a fictional city that is sometimes in my dreams, during the day, and this fictional city is so familiar to me that I know my way around some parts of the city & I even have some fictional memories of having lived in this city; and I even have some fictional memories of the neighborhood where I grew up & where it is located & what it used to look like & who some of my neighbors used to be & even of the church that used to be in that neighborhood.

In a few past dreams I pointed out differences of how the neighborhood used to look compared to how it now looks, to several dream characters, and somehow I have fictional memories of this city in some of these dreams of this city; and the city does not look like any real city that I know of exactly, and so I find it interesting how I know this fictional place somewhat.

I remember dropping off someone or several people to a neighborhood in the city, maybe they went to the college in this city or something, I can not remember; but this person or several people were in either another dream of this city last night and/or from another night.

The rest of the dream is unclear, but I think that near this neighborhood where I dropped them off, there was a small business/restaurant/store/bar-like place or something like that; and I remember trying to find where I had dropped them off later in the dream, and I stopped at the small business.

People who lived in the neighborhood often went to the small business and most of them knew each other, and people were talking & eating & drinking & listening to music & various other things; it was a nice small place to relax with other people.

A group of kids who all had medium-dark brown colored skin, except for one boy who had whitish colored skin & blueish colored eyes & blond hair, were having fun together like they were in a little group/gang or something; I think that there were arcade games, board games, card games, pool tables, and more in the small business.

The neighborhood was a lower-income & lower class neighborhood that seemed to be somewhat divided by so-called Race, but the small business was one place that people usually came together somewhat it seemed; I sat there watching the people around me & probably talking with a few people, and the group/gang of kids were especially interesting.

They, like me, did not seem to believe or support Race and they did not divide themselves like many people do & they seemed to treat each other like Humans as One Species.

I thought that was interesting & nice to see, since I often feel alone in that regard/belief, but a group/gang of kids all with whitish colored skin came led by a boy with blond colored hair & blue colored eyes; and they dressed in white dress shirts & dress pants.

They reminded me of kids from the time period shortly before the schools were no longer officially divided by so-called Race (segregation), and I found their appearance a bit odd & out-of-date.

The new group/gang of kids surrounded the other group/gang of kids, and the new group/gang had them out-numbered; and they appeared angry, and their leader said some bad things to the other group/gang of kids.

He was especially mad with the boy with whitish colored skin who was playing with the kids with brownish colored skin, he seemed to see him as a traitor or something, and he said negative things to him & threatened him.

The other group/gang of kids did not want any trouble, but the new group/gang of kids were causing trouble; and they seemed to be about to attack the other group/gang of kids.

I sat there watching & listening, waiting to stop the new group/gang of kids if the situation continued to get worse, but I wanted to see how the situation would go first.

The other group of kids tried to play nice, but that was not working, and so I decided to say something & then some of the other adults started to say something; and the situation began to cool/calm, and I tried to get everyone to relax & have some fun.

I told them my opinion of the situation, but I woke up as we were talking.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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