Trying To Live In A Motel / Apartment With My Family

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, which I think took place at a fictional motel/apartment that looked somewhat like the M Apartments in LC, except there was a nice modern apartment complex for the rich across from it.

My family and I were there across from the fancy apartment, I am not sure how we got there or why, and I remember us staying in one of the apartments/rooms that looked abandoned & a bit ugly in the front part, but the rest of it looked pretty good; I am not sure if we were only supposed to stay a few days or not, but I think we were, but we ended up trying to live there instead of leaving.

I guess the management mostly ignored our area or something, and so they did not even know that we were still living in the apartment/room.

There was a swimming pool near the office, just like the M Apartments in real life, but at some point in the dream the pool had no water and the concrete was destroyed & you could see dirt; it was like they were going to make a new pool or they just decided to destroy the old pool or something.

Across the field from our apartment/room was the fancy modern apartment for rich people, and a family lived in the apartment across the field from us; and we would see them sometimes & they would see us sometimes.

The family all had whitish colored skin, the wife & daughter had blond colored hair, and the father & son had brownish/blondish colored hair; and the father was a doctor or lawyer or something like that.

We must have met & talked with that family a few times or something, but I can not remember; and I do not think that they knew that we were lower class and that we were living in the abandoned apartment/room without permission.

The rich family’s apartment was a smart apartment, with fancy computer/electronic equipment built into the house, I think; and there were/was a lot of windows & carpet

At some point the management finally came to check on the area where our apartment/room was, it seemed that the management only rarely checked their own property, but I think that the rich family called the management when they started to suspect that we were lower class & that we were living in the abandoned apartment/room without permission; and I looked out of the window & I saw the rich family looking out of their window toward our apartment/room & they were talking on the phone with someone & they seemed to be the ones who called the management to check our area.

I saw this and I warned my family to hide and/or leave through the back of the apartment/room, and we only had enough time to grab a few things & so there would be evidence that we had lived there, unfortunately; but we had no choice, due to the lack of time to move all of our stuff.

We started hiding, sneaking, leaving in a bit of a panic as the management entered the front of the apartment/room; and we hoped that they would not notice our stuff and/or us trying to escape, and we hoped that the rich family would not see us & warn the management that we were escaping, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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