The Korean Store With My Former Classmate SS

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember my last dream, which took place in a fictional city similar to L, that was not far from D.

SS and his brother MS were living & working in the city after recently returning from South Korea, and they worked at a Korean Store owned by a woman from South Korea; and it was a small grocery store basically.

SS told me about an area next to the Korean Store that was somewhat connected to the Korean Store, which is a bit confusing when I think of it now, it was outside next to a dead-end street in a small scary-looking wooded abandoned park-like area; the Korean Store had shelves of mostly alcoholic drinks in this area, oddly.

I can not remember what SS said about the area, but I remember going to the area at night during the dream, and I remember being afraid of something.

Almost no one would ever go to that area, I guess it had a reputation of being a scary place or something, and so I went there since it was quiet & there might have been an abandoned house at the dead-end part, but I am not sure.

The area that was connected to the Korean Store was safer & not scary, but I noticed that someone had opened & drinking some of the alcoholic drinks & putting them back on the shelves; whoever was doing it would only drink a bit from each bottle & then put it back hoping that no one would notice.

During the day the owner of the Korean Store, a woman, would walk outside to glance at the area to make sure that no one was stealing her alcoholic drinks; she was a mean woman who could not really speak much English and she mostly spoke Korean.

SS’s Korean language skills had improved from his time spent living in South Korea again, and so he did not have much of a problem communicating with the woman, who was his boss; and I remember asking SS how much had his Korean improved during his time in South Korea, but I do no remember what his answer was.

During the night when something scared me from the dead-end area, I hid in the Korean Store area outside near the many rows of alcoholic drinks, until the next morning; and I heard someone coming into the Korean Store area outside & so I tried to sneak away so that they would not think that I was the person who had drunk some of their alcoholic drinks.

I wanted to sneak away and then tell SS about the situation, so that he could tell his boss, and so they could investigate who was drinking some of their alcoholic drinks; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂