George W. Bush’s Old RV (Recreational Vehicle)

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Last night I remember part of my last dream which took place during the day in a fictional location, and I was with the singer Alizée and another woman; and we were on our way to a fictional version of L or a L-like city.

I guess I had come across Alizée and the other woman during my journey, and they were on their way to the same city, and so we decided to travel together; and we each had non-motorized vehicles that I think were bicycles.

Alizée was able to speak a bit of English & her native language of French, but I am not sure what languages the other woman could speak besides those two languages; I think that the other woman was a translator/friend/guide of/for Alizée.

We traveled on a fictional country road with forests and farms on the sides of the road, which is sometimes in my dreams in various slightly different layouts, and it was nice; and I think that we were going to stop at a fictional diner near a racist neighborhood that is in my dreams sometimes.

Our journey was slowed down by slow traffic that was being slowed down by State Troopers (State Police), and some of the State Troopers were stopping along the road & farms & fields, like something was about to happen or something.

At some point we reached the highway, but the State Troopers led us to a spot across from the highway that had an old RV (recreational vehicle) sitting there; and so we all walked over to the State Troopers.

The State Troopers seemed to have set up a secure area, they said that George W. Bush was coming to view an old RV that he used to live in temporarily in his younger days, and some automobiles drove up and Mr. Bush and a few United States Secret Service agents got out; and Mr. Bush briefly said a few words to us and he told us that he would give us a brief tour of the RV, but he had to unlock the combination lock first.

Mr. Bush was struggling to remember the combination and he asked us for advice on remembering dates, and I started giving him some advice not realizing that he meant that his combination was a date; once I realized that, I started giving him some new advice, but he opened the lock before I finished talking.

I asked Mr. Bush how did he remember the combination, he paused for a moment like he was thinking of a way to respond, but then he decided to not respond and he went inside the RV and he invited a few of the people and I inside; one or more Secret Service Agents came inside while the others guarded the outside.

Mr. Bush showed us a few things and he told us about a few of his old memories of the RV, and then he went outside to give us a chance to explore the RV on our own; we all were going to take turns inside the RV in groups of five or less at-a-time, and I was in the first group.

The RV was small-medium sized and a bit dusty inside, and Alizée, the other woman, and I talked about where we would go next; and I told them about my fictional job or former fictional job or soon-to-be fictional job or something like that, where I worked helping re-model old RV’s and other types of mobile homes and how that allowed me to probably easily fix up an old RV like this to live in it.

I guess that I was on my way to the fictional L or L-like city to get a job and find a place to stay, and so housing was on my mind once again.

Alizée and the other woman seemed to just be vacationing and exploring cities for fun, after our talk & tour of the RV, we decided to prepare to travel to the diner that was not far away to eat, and then we would continue to the fictional L or L-like city.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


My Ancestor’s House?

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Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, which took place during the day in a fictional place, and I was at an apartment/barracks-like place for military-like people; but I am not sure why I was there, how I got there, or anything else.

I just remember there being some off-duty-like military-like people, in this multi-floor building, and many of the rooms were dorm-like rooms with several people sharing each room.

Some of the people there had handguns either on them or by their beds, a few people were cleaning their handguns, and there was an armory in the building where the assault rifles and other equipment were stored; but I did not get to see it in the dream.

Many of the people were just relaxing, it seemed to be a weekend or Friday afternoon, and most of the people at the building were gone; and I spent most of my time talking with a man and a woman who were both room-mates.

The man reminded me of my former classmate JW, he was not very smart but he was an easy-going-type person, and the woman reminded me of Motoko Kusanagi (The Major) from Ghost In The Shell; she was a serious and tough woman, and she spent most of her time cleaning her handgun & equipment.

At some point something strange happened somewhere in the building, an attack from a strange threat of some kind happened, there was some fighting around the building but we did not get to see most of it really; and the few people at the building seemed to be losing the fight.

The woman got her handgun & equipment ready & she gave me a handgun, and she tried to get us to the armory but the threats had that area blocked; and so it was too dangerous for us to try to get to the armory.

The woman tried to help the others contain the threats indirectly, since we were on the upper-floor away from most of the fighting, but the others were getting killed; and most of the survivors started to run around the building trying to escape.

We tried to warn as many people as we could, we tried to help where we could, we tried to prepare to defend our floor, but the situation seemed hopeless as the threats moved closer & closer to our floor easily defeating anyone in their way; at some point the man & woman found their other roommate, who reminded me of my former classmate MB, and he acted like a drugged overly relaxed type person.

They kept trying to warn him of the dangerous situation but he seemed too drugged to care, and he just sat around on his bed talking & smiling in a drugged-like way; and so the man kept trying to bring him back to reality, but the woman kept trying to deal with the situation & I tried to help both of them.

The woman and I decided that we could not defend the floor or the building any longer, the threats were close to our floor & we were the only people left on our floor, and so we started to prepare to escape the building; but the man was till trying to get their room-mate to leave with us, but he would not leave.

The man told us that he would stay behind a bit longer trying to get their room-mate to leave too, we did not recommend it, but we wished him well & we prepared a ladder outside of our window, so that we could climb down to the ground.

We heard some of the threats reach our floor as we were leaving, and we warned the others to come with us; and we left as the two men stayed behind.

I guess the woman and I went separate ways or something after we got on the ground, because I do not remember seeing her again after that, and I somehow came across my mom; and we drove away.

I remember us talking and there was a flashback of some of my supposed ancestors who used to live in this nice large stone-like house, some direct & indirect family members lived together in this one house, and it seemed more like a house for a rich family in an older whitish/grayish stone-like house that had a semi-ancient style to it.

There was a flashback of family members dressed in clothing of an unknown style, about to eat & drink together at a large stone-like table, it was a nice flashback of a large family living together; but then the flashback stopped and I told my mom about it, and I asked her to show me where the house was so we drove to it.

The house was now an upper class hotel it seemed and we walked in but no one was at the desk or around, and so we started to explore the house looking for areas I had seen in my flashbacks.

I remember that we saw an open door to a room so we went inside, but we heard voices, and so we started to leave the room; but someone heard us leaving & we heard them calling the front desk about intruders.

We panicked a bit and hid in another room as security looked for us and they found us, and they brought us to the front desk; and the worker behind the front desk questioned us.

We told him that we had come to see the house, since it used to be a house that some of our ancestor’s used to live in, and that we had not seen anyone at the front desk & so we started to explore & we went into a room not knowing that someone was in there & that we had panicked when they called security.

The worker did not seem to believe us and he was ready to kick us out, but I got angry, and I started to argue with him; and I showed him our driver licenses to prove who we were and that our ancestor’s did used to live in the house.

He started to listen a bit more to us but he was still a bit suspicious, and he wanted to make a call to the heads of the family to see if we were really part of the family; and so we waited for him to make the call.

I started to wonder if the house was owned by the former slave masters of some of my ancestor’s, whose family name my family probably took/used/kept for their family name, and so the heads of the family would probably not know us, since we were descendants of their former slaves.

Either way, the flashbacks showed me that some of my ancestors did live in the house as part of the family, whether they were slaves or not; and I felt that we had a right to see the house at least, and I was willing to argue my point to the heads of the family, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Staying At An Abandoned House

Last night I remember part of my last dream and I think that I had another dream with Pauline Croze in it and/or some music or a music video by her and/or some music or a music video in French, but I can not remember.

The last dream took place in D during the day and some unknown people, some of my former classmates, some of my family members, and I were walking on the side of the road past BB on Eastside; and we were on our way to an abandoned house that I think was owned by someone I knew, maybe a family member who had died.


11-26-2011 | Dream Fragments | Thanksgiving With Flynn And The View And The Cursed House

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I barely remember part of three dream fragments from last night, I am not sure what order they go in or which ones or connected, so I will type them randomly as I remember them.

One dream fragment took place across the street from my grandfather’s house at a small fictional house, most people in the dream thought that the house was cursed, even the people who lived there; and for some unknown reason I went to the house.

The inside of the house was small, dark, and barely furnished; and a husband, wife, and their adult daughter lived there.

I remember talking to them about the supposed curse, which I was not really worried about & I did not really believe in it, but I can not remember what they told me about it.


My Former Classmate MW And A Mall

Last night I barely remember several dream fragments from last night, but I am not sure what order they go in or which fragments are connected, so I will randomly type the fragments as I remember them.

I know one or more dream fragments took place inside and outside a fictional mall that is in my dreams sometimes, this mall usually keeps almost the same layout/design, and usually many of the same stores are probably there; and I remember arriving outside the mall one or more times and going inside the mall one or more times to explore.