Vin Diesel Is My Cousin?

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of my last two dreams, with the first dream taking place at my parent’s house during the night, and I saw a strange creature connected to the screen outside the window.

The creature was a reddish color like a lobster or crawfish, it might have had a shell / exoskeleton too, it was about the size of a small dog, its feet or bottom claws were connected to the screen outside the windows & so it was standing horizontally & its bottom was wider than the top of its body probably, its upper body was human-like/humanoid with a small head & two arms & probably two claws for hands & it probably had a face, but I am not sure; it looked somewhat like a Land Dreugh from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion video game but with a human-like upper body.

I had no idea what it was & so I grabbed some insect poison spray for some reason, and I went outside to spray the creature; but the creature must have seen me and it hid in a fictional vegetable garden in the middle of my parent’s yard.

I started to spray around hoping to get some poison on it, but I accidentally sprayed a few plants & they started to die; and I could not find the creature.

I started to get a bit afraid/freaked out, not knowing what the creature was or where it was, and it reminded me a bit of the false & stereotypical Christian Devil Image (though in the Christian Bible the Devil is described as being beautiful, not some ugly red creature with horns) mixed with a lobster or something; but I woke up feeling a bit afraid & freaked out still, and so I looked out the window.

I saw nothing and then I went back to sleep, and I had my second dream.

Dream 2

My second dream took place at my grandfather’s house and the actor Vin Diesel drove into my grandfather’s yard, and he introduced himself as one of my family members, a/my cousin I think; we both had never met each other before that we could think of, and so we took a moment to talk about how we were related & we talked about some of our old memories of certain family members.

Mr. Diesel said that he had only met a few of our family members long ago, and he had come to visit my grandfather and a few other family members who were in town as well.

We went inside my grandfather’s house and my grandfather asked us if we could clean up his yard, and so we went outside & we started to clean the yard as we talked; and my uncle CE walked into the yard drunk.

He joined us in cleaning the yard, and he did a lot of talking in that usual way that many people do when drunk & explaining/sharing his knowledge of various things that we were cleaning, he basically would not stop talking & trying to prove himself in that usual macho-man-like way, and so he was a bit annoying but at least he was helping somewhat; he kept stopping to talk & explain things, instead of helping, a lot of the time since his drunken mind did not seem able to talk & work at the same time or something. 😀

After a while we finished cleaning the yard, and we went inside my grandfather’s house, and Mr. Diesel & I went into the kitchen to talk with my grandfather & my uncle CE probably went to find some more beer or something. 😀

I heard my aunt DE & my uncle EG talking as they entered my grandfather’s house, and so I started to leave before they could see me; and I heard them talking with Mr. Diesel & my grandfather in the kitchen as I walked out of the house, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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