Rambo: Last Blood Or Next To Last Blood?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I remember almost none of my dreams from last night, and I barely remember my last dream, which took place during the day at some unknown place.

I can barely remember any of the details, but I think that some secret scientific research was taking place in a building, and something went wrong; and some of the scientists got infected & started killing people & it spread.

This took place at a semi-secure facility and so it was limited to the facility only, and I was there for some unknown reason.

Those infected by whatever had went wrong during the research, bodies would change in strange ways like a shapeshifter that can not shift properly and they would start attacking people like zombies or something, I think.

The security could not stop them completely, and so many of us were running & hiding & fighting around the facility, inside & outside.

I think that some Men In Black / CIA / Secret Agent-like men in black suits, with black ties, with black shades, who did not smile, and who showed no emotions; dropped off some extra security at the facility, using a helicopter, and John Rambo (John James Rambo) was with them.

The Men In Black-like men left and they did not help, and the extra security eventually failed, probably, except for John Rambo.

Mr. Rambo found that you had to attack their brains to really kill them, he used knives, a machete, a few other mêlée weapons, a handgun, and a few other guns; and he showed no fear as he fought & saved people.

I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember seeing a few of the infected people killing people, but I am not sure if I fought any of them; but I do know that I ran & hid from some of them.

Mr. Rambo cleared a hallway, where I was hiding in one of the rooms, and so I was able to escape outside; but I am not sure if I helped anyone or not, I think that I did help a few people.

Eventually Mr. Rambo got the situation under control, and the dream jumped to the future but I am not sure how far into the future; and Mr. Rambo was sleeping in a shack in a jungle or something, and a helicopter landed carrying several of the Men In Black-like men.

Two of them walked to the shack, but Mr. Rambo came out and he pulled a sharpened bamboo stick from a hole in his hip or upper thigh & it bled a bit, he basically used that part of his body as a sheath; it did that to send a message to the Men In Black-like men or whatever they are.

Mr. Rambo showed no pain and he stared angrily at them, ready to attack if necessary, but they remained emotionless as usual; and they told Mr. Rambo that they needed him to deal with a situation again.

He refused and he told them that they needed to deal with their own problems, and that they needed to stop creating problems in the first place; but they continued to try to convince him to help.

Mr. Rambo took a moment to think about it, though he did not want to help, he feared that innocent people would get hurt if he did not help.

I think that the secret scientific research from earlier in the dream, was continued in a new location, this time on a small island; to better contain any future situations & to help keep the research secret, but something went wrong again.

Since Mr. Rambo dealt with the situation last time, they wanted his expertise/help to deal with the new situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂