11-13-2011 | Dream Fragment | A Game Store In A Mall

Last night I barely remember my last dream, which I think took place in a mall, and the dream mostly followed a few characters who worked at a game store in the mall, I think.

A few men & women worked at a game store on the first & second floor of the mall, the game store was located in a short corner on the top/front right side of the mall, the mall was shaped like a rectangle, near a bathroom & several small shop spaces that led to an escalator.

There was a man who was one of the best/main workers at the game store, and the dream mostly followed him & a few other workers who worked with him; but something strange that I can not remember, happened to him and/or several workers at the game store.

I was in the dream but I was not a main character, and I only went to the game store maybe once; and I spent most of my time in the quiet areas near the game store, and so I often saw the workers during & after work.

Something strange caused one or more of the main workers to change, the main character even physically changed or maybe it was really another worker, but I think he changed; I think he originally had medium length blond colored hair & whitish colored skin, but later he looked like the Online Gamer with short dark-colored hair & brownish colored skin.

His attitude became very negative, he stopped working, he started stealing & committing various other crimes, et cetera; it was like something in or near the store had the power to corrupt people, but I forgot what had caused the negative changes.

Some of the newer workers at the game store had no idea what had happened to him, but one or more of the old workers joined him; one of whom was a woman.

I think they even murdered someone at the mall, but I could be wrong, and I remember that the game store added extra security cameras on the first & second floor; but the main character knew how to avoid them from seeing him.

He would turn his back to the cameras and he would wear a hood, and he would go into the store sometimes to steal stuff and/or whatever else he would do; and the woman started to join him in some of his various crimes around the mall.

Something strange happened again that I can not remember and an obese man with a hairy chest with an American Italian Mafia-like accent, stood in front of an empty shop near the computer store, and he would force people to buy stuff from him and/or he would force them to do what he wanted them to do; and I think he had one or more henchmen/bodyguards with him.

He would even force women who walked by that he liked, to do sexual acts, but the dream would censor those parts by jumping into the future as the women walked/ran away crying, and he seemed to be able to do what ever he wanted to do.

I walked past him and his henchmen but their attention turned to one of my former classmates DF, he made her come to him, and the dream jumped to the future where she was walking away with a friend crying about what he forced her to do; I could never help because the dream would jump after the damage had already been done, I guess to censor those parts.

I was going up some stairs, but I stopped to listen to DF tell her friend about what had happened as she cried, and I got angry that I could not help due to the time jumps; and I started trying to think about how I could stop the man & his henchmen.

I think that whatever had corrupted the main character was connected with the man & his henchmen, maybe he was the main character after another transformation, but I am not sure; I have the strange feeling that an object was the source of the corruption, but that is a wild guess.

I woke up as I stood on the stairs trying to figure out how to stop the man & his henchmen, who seemed to be above-the-law.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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