11-14-2011 | Dream Journal | Paddling A Canoe

Photo © by Jeff Dean
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Last night I barely remember part of three dream fragments, with the first dream fragment taking place during the day, and some of my family & I were at a warehouse near a dock.

Something happened that I can not remember, my guess is that one of my brothers and I saw some members of a drug cartel from Mexico doing something illegal & they saw that we had seen them, and they started trying to kill us.

The warehouse and docks had normal workers who worked there, but the drug cartel members seemed to make shipments or something from the dock & warehouse; and the normal workers seemed afraid to bother them, and so they kept to themselves & they did not try to help us.

The drug cartel members chased us and they shot their sub-machine guns & pistols at us, but we used the stuff in the warehouse as cover and we managed to hide; and at some point my brother and I escaped by boat.

The second dream fragment took place on the water during a grey and cool day, and the area was quiet; but I can not remember what happened at first exactly, my guess is that my brother & I saw a person on a canoe who knew the way to a town & so I took his canoe & he got on the boat with my brother to show him the way to the town.

Maybe we were going to give him our boat once he showed us the way or something, I can not remember, I just remember staying on the canoe to enjoy the scenery for a moment and/or to take a different way/route to escape and/or to distract the drug cartel members from following my brother.

I remember that the canoe felt very small and close to the water, and so I was a bit afraid, but I did enjoy the dream world since it was like being in a nice limbo or something; it reminded me of several other dreams that I have had before in the past of similar places/dream worlds.

The wind was lightly blowing cool air, there were no signs of life around me really except I saw a small whale or something come to the top of the water & then it went under the water (which is what scared me a bit), the sky was grey with probably no clouds or those hard to see winter clouds, the area was quiet, and I felt like sitting in the canoe relaxing and/or exploring the water in the canoe; but the small whale or whatever scared me, and so I started paddling the canoe with my hands to reach land.

I reached land and I started trying to think about what to do, but that is all that I remember.

The third dream fragment, I can not remember at this time, for various reasons.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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