The Small Business In The City Of D

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of my last dream fragments, which took place in a fictional version of the city of D during the day.

Dream 1

In the first dream fragment I traded my automobile and/or one of my parent’s automobile’s for a small four door car that was made in another country that I can not remember.

Oddly, I traded for it without even having the car checked by a mechanic and/or without test driving it.

As I was driving home with the car, I remember thinking that I should have done those two things before trading for it.

The steering wheel was on the inside roof of the car, oddly, and so it was like trying to drive a chopper style motorcycle at first; fortunately the steering wheel could be pulled down to a normal position, and so I pulled it down to the normal position.

I drove home and then I left at some point, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

In the second dream fragment I was still in the fictional version of D and I drove to a fictional small business that was a house/business, and it was located near where the putt-putt golf used to be.

I went inside and I remember seeing the entertainment wrestlers Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley), D-Von Dudley, one or two other wrestlers, and a small film crew following them around like they were filming a reality TV show or something.

Bully Ray and the others were going around bothering/bullying the workers inside, it seemed that they would occasionally harass the workers for some reason, and the film crew was filming everything; and so Bully Ray and the others were trying to put on a good show for the cameras, so they were doing the normal bad guy wrestling trash talk & behavior(s).

I watched from a distance, since they were not hurting anyone physically, and they went room to room bothering people.

The small business looked like a house with each worker having their own bedroom, and so they all seemed to live there; and it was a comfortable small house.

There was a large dining room that they shared, there was a large kitchen that they shared, there were several bathrooms that they shared, et cetera.

Some workers shared a work room, depending on their job(s), and each person at the house had a job.

Some workers cooked, some workers cleaned, some workers drove the automobile(s) to take people places and/or to pick up supplies et cetera; the entire house/business was like a nice mostly self-sustaining place with a nice balance.

The business was small, but they sold handmade high quality products internationally, and they were popular with people in the upper class.

Many of the workers appeared to be from different countries, even the owner seemed to be from Japan or China, he was a short middle-aged man with short black hair & he wore glasses & a dress shirt & dress pants.

At some point Bully Ray and the others came across an elderly man who was working in a room alone, he had an entire work room to himself, and he looked like a very old man from China or Japan & he could not speak much English.

The elderly man was making these interesting handmade treats, that he would place individually on a metal rack, and each one was unique; and I have never seen anything like them before exactly.

Bully Ray ate one of them as he annoyed the elderly man, who kept trying to tell them to not touch anything & to stay back, but he could not speak much English; he was a kind man and he spoke very quietly, but he could only say a few words in English.

The elderly man had to keep moving things back in place, because Bully Ray kept moving his equipment around, but the owner came to tell Bully Ray & the others to please leave the elderly man & his equipment alone.

The owner was afraid of Bully Ray & the others, and so he spoke very nicely; and he explained that the elderly man was the only person who knew how to make the special treats, and that he required a quiet working environment, since he focused very hard on carefully making each treat.

Behind the metal rack was something the owner called a mirror, that would reflect something to do with the treats (smell, sight, et cetera), which allowed the elderly man to customize each treat in various unique ways that only he knew how to do or something like that.

The elderly man had a variety of seasonings, herbs, spices, et cetera that he used; his process seemed to need a lot of focus & care.

I remember one of the treats being a light tan color, with a green symbol that looked like a leaf, the green appeared to be a type of seasoning/herb/spice/whatever.

Bully Ray said that the treat that he had eaten was very good and that he wanted another one, so the owner gave him another treat, and he quietly moved Bully Ray & the others out of the elderly man’s work room; it seemed that the treats were one of businesses highest quality & hardest & slowest to make products, but also their most popular product.

Dream 3

The third dream fragment also took place in the fictional version of D, but this time near the High School; and I drove to a fictional bridge with a small lake under it, and I went to look at the water.

There was an elderly man fishing and/or looking at the water from the bridge, and a  young man walked under the bridge where I was.

There were some buckets to sit on under the bridge, a place for a camp fire, a small grill for cooking, and an area for a tent; and the young man looked like my former classmate DC.

We talked and he told me that he was working as an entertainment wrestler or trying, he was in training, and each week & several times a week they were required to do certain things; but he forgot something and he needed me to give him a ride to get it, and so I drove him to get it.

We drove to my grandfather’s house and inside the hallway we saw the entertainment wrestler Triple H, and he gave the young man the newest list of things to do for the week; he looked at the list from last week and he congratulated the young man for his hard work and he gave him a compliment saying that if he kept working hard that the WWE would definitely have something for him to do, and he told him that he was to go to an event near where the house/small business was from my second dream fragment.

I told the young man that I would take him there, and we drove off; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


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