An Orphanage On Eastside?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember any of my dream fragments from last night, but I think that the first three dream fragments took place in D on Eastside.

I think that a group of kids and a woman age 23-26, all orphans, were living on Eastside in an oppressive orphanage; and I somehow came across their group, and I spent some time with them.

I remember one or more people who worked for the orphanage were also there at several parts in the dream, one of whom was a man who forced the orphans to go outside to learn how to use & shoot single-shot black powder rifles, and I think that the workers at the orphanage were mean & controlling & they did not seem to care about the orphans.

I think that most or all the orphans had medium-dark brownish colored skin & black colored hair, and most or all the workers had whitish colored skin & dark blondish colored hair; so I guess that it was an Eastside orphanage for abandoned kids from Eastside.

The kids and the woman, who were all orphans, seemed nice but their morale/mood was down due to the oppressive orphanage & they hated the workers at the orphanage/they hated the way that they treated them; and they told me about some of their bad experiences when the workers were not around or close enough to hear.

The workers did not trust me, like they were afraid that I would learn about their mistreatment of the orphans and that I would report them to the police, but they did not turn down my request to help them for free; I decided to take a moment to volunteer to help the orphans, which gave the workers a chance to do mostly nothing, so they agreed to let me help.

The head of the orphanage was a woman I think, and her husband probably, both of whom were mean; but I did not talk to them or see them very much, fortunately.

I remember the woman, who was an orphan, told me about how she ended up in the orphanage; and she told me that she was tired of her current life there and that she felt worthless, and she seemed to hint that she might have been a bit interested in me.

I felt bad for her and the other orphans, and I tried to help lift their moods, which helped; and I tried to think of ways that I could help improve the conditions of the orphanage without the orphans getting punished by the workers for telling me the truth of their conditions.

I also might have talked with the woman about some ways that she might be able to start her own life away from the orphanage, but like me, she also was worried about the other orphans & she would not leave until life was better for them.

The orphanage was near my parent’s house, I think, oddly; and so when my volunteer time was over, I went to check on my grandfather, whose house was also near the orphanage.

My grandfather was trying to take a bath in a bathtub that was in his living room, oddly, but he was having a hard time trying to get in the tub & so I had to help him; fortunately he was not naked and he was wearing swimming trunks.

My grandfather seemed to be in pain and his old age was finally almost too much for him to handle, it was obvious that he would need constant care very soon, if not now, and/or that he probably will die in the near future.

Either his bath water was too hot and/or it was just the pain, either way, he kept making sounds of pain occasionally as he sat in the tub.

I asked him if he needed anything, I got his newspaper & mail, I asked him if he had eaten & drank enough water, et cetera.

We talked for a brief time and then I left, and I remember something happened that I can not remember, which caused me to think of my online female contact in Germany NF & marriage; and I felt that I had made a mistake of not contacting her in so long and that I should call her and/or go see her in G, and I remember thinking about what it might be like to go there & meet her family & friends & for us to get married in a year or so.

My thoughts were positive, mostly, and I felt like I needed to act soon, if it was not too late already.

I remember thinking of a few other things that were connected to my real life, but I can not remember what they were, and I woke up with those thoughts in my mind & the feeling that I needed to act soon in the NF situation & the other situations that I can not remember & that my grandfather’s life is nearing its end & that we should do what we can to help him & enjoy the time that we have left.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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