My Former Classmate MW And A Mall

Last night I barely remember several dream fragments from last night, but I am not sure what order they go in or which fragments are connected, so I will randomly type the fragments as I remember them.

I know one or more dream fragments took place inside and outside a fictional mall that is in my dreams sometimes, this mall usually keeps almost the same layout/design, and usually many of the same stores are probably there; and I remember arriving outside the mall one or more times and going inside the mall one or more times to explore.

I am not sure if I found my former classmate MW in the mall or not, but I do know that one or more dream fragments had MW in them, who is a former female classmate of mine who often appears in some of my dreams; and she usually does not talk or say much, but this was one of the dreams where she and I talked more than usual.

I think that MW was surprised to see me, and she probably asked me about how I have been doing since we graduated from high school years ago, so we probably talked about topics related to that at first.

I remember that MW and I were in a good mood, and we joked around a bit; and we must have walked around talking, while doing other things, and I think that we even went to a restaurant.

I think that one or more people were with us at some parts, but I can not remember, and I was surprised how well MW and I were connecting; it was like we were friends or something.

I know that I had more dream fragments before and after these, but I can not remember them much exactly; but I think that one took place in a slightly fictional version of downtown D, which is often in my dreams of downtown D.

I am not sure what happened exactly, but I think that some fictional shop owners were there as usual; and I probably talked to some of them as I looked around their stores, and something interesting must have happened outside, probably, but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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