An Old Memory Of Camping In The Woods? | Trading In American Currency After A Financial Disaster?

Dream 1

At this time I only remember part of two dream fragments from the last few days, with the first dream fragment taking place in a classroom, and I think that it was an English class.

Our teacher was a woman who I think had a unique British English-like accent, and she seemed to be a teacher who really wanted to teach us and show us how to learn so that we could continue to educate ourselves throughout our lives; if only I would have had teachers like that in real life and/or more teachers like that.

My former classmate BH was in the class and he was being a bit of a trouble maker like he used to be back in his younger days, and our class did not seem very interested in listening to the teacher at first; but eventually we started to listen and respect our teacher as the class continued.

Our teacher seemed to be trying to give us a good foundation of English language skills and learning skills, and she did not give up on us; but that is all that I remember.

Dream 2

Last night I had a dream that seemed to be part fictional and/or part real memories from in real life combined with part fictional and/or part real memories of a past dream or dreams, but I am not sure which is correct.

The dream took place in D on Eastside during the day, when I was younger, and I was with a former classmate J & maybe one of my cousins & maybe a few unknown people from in the neighborhood.

Eastside looked slightly different and there was a bigger wooded area than in real life, the dream moved between me in the future telling & showing someone some of the memories of events that took place in the dream from the past, from when I was younger.

The scenes of the past, which I re-lived in the dream and I am not sure if it is all fictional or not, showed the other people I mentioned and I exploring the sides of the large fictional wooded area on Eastside; and we walked for a long time until we got lost.

At some point we decided to build a shelter in the woods, a rough-looking club house-like shelter, and we spent the night in the woods; and the next day something happened that involved a group of kids who were the local bullies and we either had a confrontation with them and/or they damaged our shelter after we left to find our way back home.

There was much more detail to the dream but I forgot all the good parts, it was a nice dream, and I remember wondering if some of these memories were real or not.

We found our way back home at some point and I think that we wanted to go camping in our shelter in the woods again sometimes, but we probably could never find it again; and so now in the future I was telling someone about this memory and we were trying to find the shelter in the woods, I might have told this to my future kid or kids; but I am not sure.

I remember enjoying thinking about and re-living the memories, and telling & showing them to who ever was with me; but I woke up.

I barely remembered part of an unclear dream fragment about the American Dollar/Currency (money is rarely in my dreams, so this is a very rare dream fragment & money was the main focus of this dream), where many people and I were lined up, a large financial situation must have happened or something but I am not sure; and I think that many of us had United States dollars and we were trying to trade them in for something but I can not remember what we were trading them for.

I remember a woman behind the desk telling me something about how the stamp on our American Dollars or something like that was not worth much or anything anymore, and that I was not going to get much or anything from trading in my American Dollars.

I think that the other people and I had gathered up all of our American Dollars that we could find at home & from our banks, and I think that the line of people looked devastated/depressed; whatever had happened/was happening, was big.

I wish that I could remember more of the dream, but I barely remembered this much, unfortunately; I think that this dream had a strange feeling to it, but I could be wrong.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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