12-13-2011 | Dream Fragments | John Goes To Sri Lanka?

The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy. This temple ...

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream and maybe a few other fragments, my last dream might have been connected with the dream fragments before, which took place inside of a building with unknown people; but that is all that I can remember really, except an unclear scene of me laying/sitting down on an upper floor across from another floor connected by a walk way & there was something playing on the wall or a screen.

There were other people on the other floor and there were metal rails on the walkway to prevent people from falling down below, and you could look below & see other floors & walkways; and the building had a clean/cold modern look to it that was minimalistic.

On the floor across from me near where something was playing on the wall or a screen, there were some other people sitting/laying/standing, and they were talking and/or watching the screen as well; and I remember talking with a woman I think, but that is all that I can remember.

Next I remember the woman or a woman and I arriving at a small boat house owned by a man, we were out on the sea or water, and I think that the woman and/or man said that we were in Sri Lanka or another country.

It was a cloudy/foggy and gray day I think and the man had brownish colored skin, he wore glasses, he wore a longer type outfit with a hat or turban-like wrap, and I think that he said that he was a follower of Islam maybe or another religion.

The small boat house was not fully closed, oddly, it was more like a pontoon boat with partial walls and in the middle of the boat house you could see the water & even jump into it; it had a small kitchen with a small table that was against one wall, against that wall on an upper area was his bed-mat, he had a small book shelf on one of the walls as well, and there were a few more areas that I can not remember.

There was barely any walking room by the walls and the small boat house was very small & partly open to the outdoors, and I wondered how did he survive during the winter; but I guessed that maybe the temperature did not get to cold in his country.

The small boat house was obviously custom/poorly made from whatever was available, so I guess that he was in the lower class like me.

He gave us a brief tour of his small boat house, he probably offered us some food & drink, and he talked about his life, religion, et cetera.

He made money by fishing and selling it to sellers at a market, and occasionally he probably did a few other things for money using his boat house; and of course he would eat some of the things that he caught to survive and he would trade/buy things at the market.

He lived out on the water/sea in his boat house mostly, but he would sometimes go to the city; I think that he was more of any outsider because of his religion and/or he just liked to be alone mostly.

He seemed friendly and he liked to talk about various topics and debate various issues, but I woke up as we all talked.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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