12-16-2011 | Dream Journal | My Former Classmate SB Goes Crazy

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Last night I remember part of several dream fragments, with one dream taking place at a college, and I remember going to a class.

In the class we watched a video, I think, and we probably had a discussion; but that is all that I can remember, and then we left when the class was over but I think that I briefly stopped to talk with a few of my classmates.

There was more that happened inside of the college building but that is all that I remember, and I had another dream that took place at my parent‘s house during the Christmas holiday(s) I think.

One or more fictional and/or non-fictional young cousins of mine came inside of the house for a visit, one of them was a very boy with light brown/whitish brown colored skin, and he could talk; but it was a bit hard to understand him sometimes since he was very young.