24 The Dream

Last night I can barely remember one of my dreams, unfortunately, it was an interesting dream; and for some reason it reminded me of the TV show 24.

The dream took place in an unknown location at a multi-floor building, a group of armed & armored men had attacked the building, and they were holding the survivors & the building hostage; and I do not think that the police or most people on the outside even knew about what was going on.

I think that the group of men had taken over the building for a certain reason, possibly to carry out an attack on a certain target that was to be in the area, maybe a politician like the President or another person or persons in a high position, and/or a large terrorist attack; whatever they were planning was not good and they had already caused harm to some of the people in the building.

They were obviously trained and professionally equipped, they even had what appeared to probably be American M4-like rifles, black ski masks, military grade body armor, and probably standard military sidearms.

I think that I was on the roof of a building next the building that they had taken over, and I guess that I had seen some of the men taking over the building from a window or something like that.

I am not sure what happened exactly, but I ended up sneaking into one of the upper floors of the other building, to try to stop the men, and I remember attacking one of the men who was in a small bed room; I killed him during a struggle, and he fired a few shots from his assault rifle before he died.

I took his clothes, armor, weapons, and ski mask; and I put them on to pretend to be him, and I hid his body in a closet.

Another man in his group heard the shooting and came to see what was going on, but I tricked him with my disguise and then he left to another floor thinking that the situation was under control.

I then started trying to figure out how to save people, who or what was the real target of the men, and how to stop the group of men, as I walked around the floor pretending to be patrolling the area; but I woke up.

I had another dream that took place during the day and I was walking by a street in an unknown area, and an automobile that was passing by had one of its hub caps come off; and so I picked it up to give it back to the driver.

I called it a rim by mistake and the driver corrected me and told me that it was a hubcap; I think that it is cool when dream characters do stuff like that.

I laughed thinking that it was funny that I made a simple mistake like that, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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