Wearing A Suit In A Hospital

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of several dreams, with most of the dreams taking place in fictional locations, and the first dream that I remember involved soccer (football) I think.

Some of my former classmates and my former little league soccer teammates, and I started to meet up outside of a soccer field where some little league soccer games were taking place.

They wanted to start a team and start playing soccer again, we talked about some of our old soccer memories, and MJ was especially excited about starting a team; he wanted to prove that he could still play after years of not playing soccer.

I had my doubts about but it sounded like a good idea, and so we started to talk about some of the details; but I that is all that I remember.

Dream 2

The next dream that I remember took place on a fictional body of water / lake that is sometimes in my dreams in various forms & I was on a small boat with my dad & my brothers, and I think that we were boating & fishing.

I think that the weather was foggy & dark & quiet, so it was like we were the only people on the water, which was probably a bit scary.

Our boat was too small but somehow we managed, at some point we went back to the dock, and I remember telling my dad that we needed a bigger boat & I pointed to a slightly bigger boat that was at the dock; but I doubt that my dad agreed that we needed a bigger boat.

We parted ways and I walked toward a building where people were leaving, like a late class had just ended or a meeting, and I saw my cousin ME & I said hello to him; and then I saw my mom & my former classmate DH, and I said hello to DH who looked taller than usual.

DH left and I told my mom that I thought that DH was ME at first, since he looked so tall now, I said a few more things & then I went inside of a building next to the building that they had just left.

I am not sure if I changed clothes in the bathroom or if I magically had on a suit, either way I had a dark-colored suit, and the building that I was in was a hospital.

I walked to the waiting room where there was a woman behind the desk, and then I sat on a couch & I looked at a few magazines probably; and then I turned on a TV, it seemed that I was wasting time for some reason or I just felt like sitting around the waiting room for a bit.

I turned the TV on the news, it was MSNBC, but I was not really interested in what they were talking about so I turned off the TV & I started to leave; a father & his kids came into the waiting room & one of the kids wanted to watch TV, and so I turned on the TV & I gave the father the TV remote.

He thanked me and he gave me a compliment about my suit, and he told me that I sounded like someone with the Walmart company who I can not remember; I laughed and I thanked him, and then I left.

Dream 3

The next dream that I remember took place at my grandfather’s house, my aunt CE was there with my grandfather, and we were sitting down talking about various things; and someone else was there who might have looked just like my grandfather, but I am not sure who it was, and I think that he was magically gone at some point when I noticed that he looked just like my grandfather.

We had a good time talking, then I remember my grandfather wanting me to turn on his TV in the bedroom next to the living room/den, but it had a digital cable box which made the process a bit more complicated; and so it took me longer than normal to get it working.

I think that I had one more dream after this, but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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