Escape From The Racist Neighborhood

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I woke up several times this morning feeling like I had been drugged by the CIA again or something, so I was in & out of consciousness & I had a variety of dreams & semi-daydreams, but I forgot most of them unfortunately. 😀

Dream 1

I think that one dream involved most of my family and I going out into the woods to visit my brother CC’s girlfriend, but I could be wrong; either way we went to a neighborhood in the woods.

We visited a family at a nice house, things went well, but as we were about to leave something happened; I think that some neighbors or people in the neighborhood saw us, they made some racist remarks, and I think that they were threatening to harm us but they seemed to be afraid to attack us alone so they seemed to be calling other people around the neighborhood to attack us.

We decided to leave to avoid conflict but during our escape several people in the neighborhood saw us leaving & they either tried to follow us or they started to gather weapons & equipment to attack us, but our automobile broke down or something, because I remember several of my brothers & I sneaking through the woods trying to avoid being seen by people in the neighborhood who were hunting us.

It was getting dark, we would walk on the road, but when we would hear automobiles or voices; we would hide in the woods.

I think that my family split into two teams, so that we would be harder to find, one team was probably my mom & dad & KD & TD, and the second team was probably CC & GC & I.

We saw people riding in & on the back of trucks with flashlights & guns, most of them followed the hillbilly / redneck stereotypes with country accents, and we could hear them talking as they seemed to be enjoying hunting us; but I was pretty confident that we would escape as long as we stayed hidden when they drove by, and then if we kept walking/running when we had a chance.

I guess we abandoned our automobile on the side of the road or we hid it in the woods, I am not sure which, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had several other dreams that I can not remember, some of which I probably went in & out of as I woke up & as I went back to sleep several times, one of which involved an unknown place probably near water that was in several of these dreams.

This dream looked more like you would expect a dream to look, it was brighter & clearer than in real life, like a paradise; and there were several dreams & semi-dreams that took place in this dream world, but I can not remember those unfortunately.

For some strange reason I was not in this dream, but I was seeing things like a camera person, and on the land near the water was a small building that probably looked like a small station where people wait for a train or bus or boat or something like that; and I think that there was a bridge that went across the water, which was like a sea or lake or ocean.

I think that a dock was near this area as well, but oddly no one else was around the area at this point except one man; I guess that most of the people were being transported over the bridge or water, and that the man was waiting for the transport to return or something.

The man had whitish colored skin and I think that he had orangeish/blondish/brownish colored hair, but as he was walking around waiting, he found a thin naked woman with whitish colored skin & reddish colored hair laying face first near the station-like building.

She appeared to be dead or unconscious, I am not sure which, and the man looked around to see if anyone else was around or seeing this; but no one else was around, and so he checked to see if the woman would respond & he turned her over on her back but she did not respond or wake up.

He tried talking to the woman & shaking her a bit, but she did not respond or wake up; I think that the man assumed that she was dead, but I am not sure, since I was not in the dream & I could not read his thoughts & he was not talking out-loud.

Even though I was not in the dream I was concerned for the woman, I was confused about the situation, I wondered how did she get there, I wondered why was she naked, I wondered if she was dead or alive, I wondered what had happened to her, and I wanted to get her some help and/or help her.

The man then started to act suspicious once he realized that no one was around & that the woman was either dead or in a coma, I feared that he would sexually assault the woman, but I was not in the dream to do anything about it; and then the man seemed to be attempting to sexual assault the woman or her dead body.

I tried to enter the dream to stop him and/or try to see if I could tell him to stop, but I woke up.

I had some positive dreams before that dream, in this dream world, but I can not remember them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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