Making Fun Of The Movie Alexander

Dream 1

Last night I barely remember any of my dreams, one of them involved Alexander The Great, I am not sure what happened at the beginning of the dream; but later in the dream I think that I remember someone mentioning that they liked the Oliver Stone film Alexander, which was about Alexander The Great.

I was disappointed with the film, some of the cast, story, et cetera; and so I started to make fun of the film & the person who liked it by acting out a scene or two from the film, and I did it very loudly & in the person’s face probably in a friendly joking-like way.

I played the part of Alexander and I did a speech very loudly & I was partly in the movie & in the dream world during the speech, and then I charged on horseback leading my army through the jungle during the scene fighting against elephants, archers, and light infantry.

I think that I yelled: “Do you want to live forever!”, or something like that during my charge, and I started chopping & stabbing members of the other army from horseback after I crashed into their front-line.

This part took place in the film & not the dream world, so the other dream characters who I was talking to were not there during this part, as I fought as Alexander The Great; things felt & looked different from the dream world, it was almost like really being there, during the battle.

I can not remember the rest, other than the battle was going well for my side, since I used an improved battle strategy against the other army that allowed our cavalry to prevent our infantry from being overwhelmed by the armored elephants with infantry/archers/spear throwers on their backs .

Dream 2

The next dream that I remember took place at my grandfather’s house, but no one who I knew was there, only some unknown people were there; but this dream is so blurry that I can not really make much sense of it.

It was pretty dark in the house and a group of people were there, who might have had something to do with a temple / religion / cult / group / goddess / priestess / another species/a woman or female being with powers/or something strange like that.

I remember something unknown happened, I somehow got a gun or a pulse / energy weapons after this happened, and I remember sneaking around the house; there must have been an attack or something.

Some of the women and a woman or female being with powers and/or who was the leader or head priestess or who they were protecting, and I ended up working together; I think that I was helping them protect the woman or female being at this point, since they/we were under attack.

During all of these blurry parts I think that a male being ended up joining us to help, he might have been the one who attacked us at first, I can not remember; for some strange reason I think that he reminded me of Scorpius from the TV show Farscape.

I got caught in this situation by accident by going over to my grandfather’s house at the wrong time, so I had no idea what was going on exactly, and I was just trying to survive & help where I could.

I think that we might have only had one weapon and a group of people or beings entered the house, and so we hid, hoping to avoid a battle, and hoping to protect the woman or female being; but as the people or beings were searching the house, they were getting closer to the woman or female beings hiding place, and so the Scorpious-like being & I started to move closer if we needed to attack the people or beings.

We tried to stay hidden, but we were ready to attack if necessary, but I woke up as the people or beings got closer to the hiding place of the woman or female being.

I also barely remember part of a dream or semi-daydream about me trying to figure out some ways to survive/make some money/help myself & others, and I remember talking to someone about some of my ideas.

I remember talking about trying to make some money & help by recycling metal & other things, and I also remember talking about if it was possible to recycle something that I can not remember; it might have been something that is not physical, like dreams or thoughts or something strange, but I can not remember.

I was talking with an unknown man, I remember him saying that he did not think that it was possible to recycle whatever it was that might have been non-physical, and he made some suggestions on what type of metals & things that I could recycle or something like that.

I remember thinking & talking about some other ideas, trying to figure out some simple ways to make some money finally, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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