A Mobile Home Salesman

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, which I remember starting at a college-like apartment, and I think that most of my suitemates were women.

It seemed that the semester or whatever had ended, one of our suite-mates moved out, and another woman moved into her old room; she had whitish color skin with blondish colored hair, she was very mean/very judgmental/a terrible listener/ & she liked to jump to conclusions.

I remember trying to tell her about myself but instead of paying attention to anything that I said she somehow ended up thinking that my sexual orientation was homosexual (which is not true), she thought that I was a supporter of Nazi Germany (which is not true), she thought that a man who was a family member of our former suite-mate was related to me & that he was a supporter of Nazi Germany (he was not related to me, but he was a supporter of Nazi Germany), and there were several other crazy things that she believed about me for some strange reason.

I tried to explain that she was wrong about me, but she would not listen, and she kept spreading lies to my other suitemates; and probably other people in the dream.

At some point I remember going outside where other people/students were walking around, our new suite-mate & several other people were walking around too, and my new suite-mate pointed at me telling more lies to the group of people who she was with; but I tried to ignore them & I continued walking.

At some point my parent’s and some of my brothers came to visit me, and we went to look at some mobile homes for sale not far from the apartment.

When we arrived we were greeted by an older slightly obese man with whitish colored skin & grayish/whitish colored hair wearing a white colored A-shirt (muscle shirt), and he was the family member of our former suite-mate; the one who was a supporter of Nazi Germany.

He showed us a few mobile homes, but he usually would not give us clear information or prices for/about each mobile home, and he seemed untrustworthy; my mom & I were ready to leave, but my dad wanted to look around at mobile homes a bit longer, and so we stayed.

I remember other people coming to look around his mobile home showroom, so things got a bit crowded, but I woke up as my dad was climbing into one of the mobile homes.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂