1-5-2012 | Dream Fragments | Illusions

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Last night I barely remember part of three dreams, which I think all had the theme of illusions, where things in the dream & semi-daydreams would change & be something different from they seemed.

One dream took place at W Park in D during the day where a group of kids were in a camp-like group or a class field trip with several adults & teachers, and I was at the park too.

Something strange happened at some point in the dream involving an unknown animal/creäture in & near the water, I remember the kids & adults & I trying to deal with the situation, and I remember the animal/creäture appearing & disappearing & re-appearing in different forms & places; and the adults had to get an expert to help with the situation.

The expert was a slightly obese man with whitish colored skin who seemed to work in the animal control field, he knew what the animal/creäture was, and how to deal with it; and so he tried to tell us what to do, and we tried to follow his instructions.