The Strange School

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I barely remember part of a few dreams, with the first dream or dreams involving a strange school that is sometimes in my dreams, which is a combination of several real life schools & fictional schools and/or buildings.

The dream or dreams are very blurry but I think that several people and I approached the school which looks like the C Elementary School in D at the front of the school, and there was an action movie-like scene with us trying to enter the school and/or hide; but I can not remember the details.

I remember us hiding and moving deeper into the school, the second part of the school looked a bit like the D Junior High School in D combined with several fictional buildings, and we were still running & hiding from whoever we were running & hiding from; I have no idea who or what we were hiding & running from.

We moved around hiding among students, teachers, and other workers as we moved deeper into the school.

The school has covered catwalks which connects the many small school buildings which are sometimes connected, but are mostly separate but close to each other; and other mysterious areas that I can not remember, which make good hiding places.

At some point I think that the people with me and I split up & we went separate ways, and at some point I remember going to a class or several classes as a student; but I can not remember the details.

I do remember that it was Friday at some point & I had finished my last class, so school was done for the week, but this class had a bed & my mom was there in the middle of the bed; and two male students were going to stay over the weekend in the class too, so they were going to sleep on the bed as well.

The students were adults, the two men were both suspicious & seemed like they worked as criminals, so I did not want my mom to stay there with them alone over the weekend; and so I stayed to convince her to leave for the weekend, which is what I was going to do as well.

The man on the left side of the bed was the quiet one, who seemed like the leader/the brains, and the man on the right side of the bed was the talkative one, who seemed like the follower/the one who did the dirty work & he acted like a thief.

Dream 2

I can not remember the rest but the next dream is even more confusing, and I remember arriving to an island with my parents during the day; probably by boat, it is an island that has been in a few dreams.

There are several islands, but this tiny island has a hotel-like building that is the only structure on the island, and everyone on the island lives there.

My family and I were going to our hotel rooms, but a conflict between the family that controlled the island was going on, and something strange happened during their conflict; and somehow my family got trapped in the conflict.

A woman from the family in control of the island flew some of the islanders and my family & I away from the island, by surprise without us knowing what was going on, in one or more spaceship-like machines.

Her brother was taking over the island & he probably was going to kill her & some of the other islanders, and so she flew off to escape & we happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; but her actions probably saved our lives.

I remember looking through a window or a closing door of the spaceship-like machine as we flew around the island, watching her brother’s take over of the island, and as he realized that his sister had fled; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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