1-12-2012 | Dream Fragments | Uma Thurman?+Boogeyman?+Fiction?+Real Life?+Very Familiar=?

English: Uma Thurman at the premiere of the Wo...

Last night I barely can remember my dream fragments from last night, even in the dream or dreams I was confused, but I will do my best to guess what happened & put the pieces together.

In the dream or dreams I was able to think as the dream or dreams was/were still going, it was like my conscious mind was more active than usual, but the dream was not lucid as far as I can remember.

What happened is so confusing, I remember seeing dream scenes about something that seemed so familiar to me, that during the dream scenes I was trying to figure out why were these dream scenes so familiar to me & I was trying to figure out if they were from real life and/or past dreams and/or past daydreams and/or something else.