1-13-2012 | Dream Journal | An Awkward School Scene

Get Awkward
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Last night I forgot almost all of my dreams, but I remember part of one dream, which took place in a fictional school that somewhat looks like the D High School.

I only remember part of the end of the dream, which took place after most or all classes were over probably, and I remember walking & talking with one or two of my former classmates.

We walked out of the building & down the cat-walk near where the auditorium should be, but we stopped & entered a small dimly lit room that was connected to the building, for some unknown reason.

The small room seemed to be a small hang-out area for after school and/or school breaks, and there was a bed & maybe a couch in the room; and on the couch was a naked woman who was one of our classmates named Kirra L.

The one or two classmates who were with me, who were men, and I stood there surprised & shocked & confused; and an awkward conversation began between where we asked Kirra L. why was she naked & various other things.

I can not remember most of our awkward conversation, but I do remember Kirra L. asking us if we knew of anything that she could use for masturbation penetration or something strange like that.

We awkwardly gave some suggestions during this awkward conversation, but then my former classmate JH walked into the room, and she yelled: “What in the World is going on here? ” or something like that.

So now we all were standing there, while Kirra L. was still laying there naked on the couch, and the awkward conversation & situation became even more awkward.

JH was telling us how ashamed we all should be & she started ranting about morality/Christianity (maybe), as we tried to explain the situation to her, that the situation was not what it looked like.

Kirra L. started to continue asking us the same question from before JH walked in, which shocked & disgusted JH, and the awkward conversation & situation continued as JH continued ranting the during most of the conversation; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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