An Accident Where I Got Knocked Unconscious & Almost Drowned

Most of this week I have not been remembering my dreams, somewhat because I have had something weird happen at the end of my dreams and/or before I finally get out of bed; where one or more things in my dream do not work properly which causes me to wake up every time I try to interact with whatever is broken in the dream.


I see a cup of tea in a dream, if I try to touch the cup, I wake up & then I go back to sleep or partly to sleep & I try again; but I wake up again if I try to touch or mess with the cup, and on & on, until I finally get out of bed.

Last night I finally remember part of a dream which I think started at my parent’s house & then at my grandfather’s house & my dad, my uncle CE, several unknown people, and I went on a trip in a van.

I remember going to a building at some point, maybe a school-like building, but I am not sure what happened; and then we were driving through a dock-like area by water in a fictional city that is sometimes in my dreams.

An accident happened & I got knocked unconscious, and I woke up with my clothes wet & laying on the dock as my dad, my uncle CE, and one or two of the other people looked at the water; and their clothes were wet too, and they seemed to be in shock.

They said that we were in an accident that knocked our van into the water & it started to sink as several of us were unconscious, but my dad saved me, my uncle CE saved himself, and one or two of the others saved each other.

Two people were still underwater in the van unconscious, and their safety belts were stuck, according to one or more of the others who tried to save them.

I think someone had called or tried to call emergency services for help, even though the two people were probably dead, and so we waited there still stunned & confused about what had happened.

I had been unconscious during most of it, but as my dad explained what he remembered.

Likewise, I was able to remember parts of what happened when he was saving me, he took my safety belt off & he started pulling me out of the van.

I went in & out of consciousness during this part, as we were underwater & I could hear the sound of movement in the water & I could see sunlight from above in the water & I probably could somewhat feel the water & the water was a dark blueish color.

I do not think that anyone knew what had caused us to get knocked into the water, but something happened that was hard enough to knock a few of us unconscious.

I was still trying to recover from almost drowning & dying again (in real life I almost drowned as a kid, but my dad saved me), the others were in shock, and so we waited on the dock for help.

Next, the dream or another dream ended in the usual strange way as most of my dreams this week have ended where one or more things in the dream cause me to keep waking up, in this dream the now CEO of my last job V was talking with several people & I.

He told us that the company had plans to build a cinema in D, I saw an icon that represented the cinema, but when I tried to touch it, I woke up; and then I went back to sleep or partly to sleep to the same area.

V mentioned several other things & places that the company had bought, were selling, and were planning; each had an icon, but every time I tried to interact with any of them, I would wake up.

I kept going back to the dream & I would try again, but I kept waking up, sometimes I would wait a bit & then try again, but I would still wake up; and after a while I got annoyed & I woke up for good & I got out of bed.

The dream before this just reminded me of something that I wanted to type the other day, about how I noticed that I probably rarely have glasses, if ever, in my dreams; even though I have worn glasses since I was in 5th grade in real life & I am near-sighted & so without my glasses things are blurry unless I am very close.

But in dreams it seems that I almost never have glasses, if ever, and I see things better in dreams than I can in real life without glasses.

I am usually not sure if I had glasses on in dreams or not, but when thinking about past dreams like being saved from drowning in one of my dreams from last night; it seems clear that I am not wearing glasses in most or any of those dreams.

I think that is interesting.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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