A Mountain Lion

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember parts of several dream fragments, with one dream fragment involving my family & some of my indirect family members from my mom’s side of the family, and some of us were going to meet for a family gathering or something in Texas and/or L in L and/or somewhere else.

I think that we went to a fictional motel or hotel that is sometimes in my dreams, but I can not remember, and I think that I went to several cities & states in the The United States in this dream; but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream that I remember involved my family and I driving down a country road to a fictional neighborhood, and we saw a mountain lion in the road; and it somewhat followed us to the next road, but it stopped to explore, it seemed to be hungry or maybe it had rabies.

We were shocked and somewhat afraid, we stopped at a small house, which was where we were supposed to be; I think that we were going to have a small family gathering there or we were going to have our own gathering & stay there for the night, but I am not sure.

I started looking in our automobile for anything that could be used as a weapon, and I gave my parent’s & my brothers some hammers and screwdrivers; and I told them to stay in the house, while I looked for more weapons and/or shields/armor.

I was afraid that the mountain lion would attack us or someone else in the neighborhood, I was having a hard time finding a weapon since I gave almost all of them to my family, and then I noticed a girl playing in the road with her small pet dog; and so I ran out of the automobile to tell her to bring her dog & hide in the automobile before the mountain lion saw them.

I saw the mountain lion coming up the street, still exploring for food or something to attack, and the girl saw it too; and so she followed me to the automobile with her dog & we hid inside of it, as the mountain lion got closer.

The only weapons left were a bottle of cleaning spray and a strange axe-like kitchen spatula, hahaha, and so I grabbed those two things as weapons, as we hid; at some point I got tired of hiding & I wanted to face the mountain lion before it attacked someone, because it looked hungry and/or like it had rabies, so I told the girl to stay in the automobile with her dog & I went outside to face the mountain lion.

I stood near the automobile somewhat afraid & cautious, since it was night-time & I did not know where the mountain lion was now, and so I started looking for it; and I walked through a path in the woods that led to the road, and I walked up the road.

It was quite scary walking alone during the night on a country road with a mountain lion around somewhere, but I kept my guard up, and I walked all the way back to a fictional city.

I reached a fictional version of the FB Church in D, the back door was open & I walked in cautiously, and the inside looked like a fictional building that is sometimes in my dreams; which has several floors with a maze-like feeling/appearance to them.

I needed to pass through the church to reach a courtyard that led to a dorm/apartment-like building (because the church was in the way & there was a fence blocking entry into the courtyard from this side), where I guess that I lived, I heard some noise(s) inside of the church; and so I moved quietly not knowing if it was the mountain lion or someone who had broken into the church, because the church was supposed to be closed/locked.

It was early in the morning so the sun was starting to rise a bit now, as I tried to sneak through the church to reach an exit & avoid being seen by whatever was in the church, and at some point I found an exit; but the door had an alarm system, but I walked out of it anyway, and the alarm went off.

Outside people were starting to walk outside like they were on their way to breakfast & then college, as the alarm went off, and I tried to walk quickly to the dorm/apartment-like building; but I could barely walk, it was like I could only move very slowly, like something was holding me back/like I was moving in slow motion.

I hid my weapons in my jacket so that I would not look suspicious, I was wearing a knit cap which help hide part of my head, and I tried to act normal as I walked very slowly to leave before the police arrived; my plan seemed to be working, though I could only walk very slowly since I was moving in slow motion while everyone else moved normally, but then I woke up.

I had another dream, but I can not remember it at this time.

Maybe the mountain lion represented what ever is making me sick, maybe my immune system has detected the threat, and it is trying to deal with it; sometimes when I am sick my dreams or either strange or they seem to represent my immune system fighting the sickness.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂