A Conflict Between Former Classmates

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember some of my last dream, I remember a building that might have been a mall-like building that connected to a school-like building, but I am not sure; I just remember seeing a group of some of my former classmates near the exit of the building, and most of them were from Eastside.

It was during the day and two of my former classmates, MH and LT, got into an argument; and I had to stop them from fighting, but some of their friends joined their argument.

Eventually the situation got out of control and so I started to leave as groups of people mostly from Eastside started arguing & fighting, and I feared that soon weapons would be used; and I left since I could not control the situation because there were too many people.

I walked to a slightly fictional area near my parent’s yard, where there were two houses next to each other, and I lived at the house on the right on the second floor; I guess it was a small apartment house.

The next part is confusing but I remember seeing two former female classmates of mine out of my window, and they were riding a floating ship/float-like vehicle; it is hard to describe how it looked exactly.

KK was on the front of the floating vehicle & that area was like the driver’s seat of a carriage that is pulled by horses but there were no horses, and T was on the other part which was like the deck of a ship or a float in a parade; and the floating vehicle was floating between my apartment & the house next door, where KK & T lived.

T had a bowling ball and she asked me to come outside & stand below the floating vehicle, to see if I could catch the bowling ball when she dropped it, and so I went outside to try to catch the bowling ball; but I missed the bowling ball the first time she dropped it, but then I caught the bowling ball the second time that she dropped it.

We talked & joked around a bit but then they were ready to leave in their floating vehicle, they invited me to come with them, but I decided to stay; and so we said goodbye, and they left.

I went back to my room on the second floor, but then I heard two people talking in the house next door where KK & T lived, and so I went to investigate; and I saw a young woman & a boy inside the house.

The young woman looked like a younger former classmate of mine, but I do not know her name, and she told me that the boy & her lived at the house too; and she told me who else lived at the house, there were a lot of people who stayed at the house to my surprise but most of them were not there at this/that time.

The boy played while the young woman & I talked about various things, and we had a good conversation to my surprise; but at some point I said goodbye & I started to walk back to my apartment, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂