The New President

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember some of my last dream, which is unclear & confusing in some parts, but I will try to guess what happened during those parts.

The beginning of the dream is very unclear, I am guessing that The President Of The United States came to visit a fictional city during the day, and there was a lot of security & people & the press there; and I was there too I guess, and something happened but I can not remember what.

I just remember being with a woman, who might have looked a bit like a fake version of Helen Magnus from the TV show Sanctuary, and we went to a lower to middle class apartment complex that was being secured from the outside by local police & FBI-like agents; and a secret meeting was to take place, where I think that a new President was going to be chosen.

The police & FBI-like people on the outside did not seem to know anything about the meeting, their only job was to secure the outside, and a few unknown guards (United States Secret Service-like, maybe, but I have no idea) were the only security on the inside of the apartment room where the meeting was to take place.

A group of people arrived who were the ones who seemed to be the group of people who would decide who the next President would be, and they went inside to start the meeting; and the woman & I probably went inside as well.

To me it seemed that this group had probably often met at random locations in the past to pick each new President, they seemed to have an entire system in place for that, and so they seemed very experienced & used to picking the new President.

I do not think that they were choosing the next President Of The United States for several reasons: I do not remember any politicians being there or even being mentioned, there was no press, there was no talk that I can remember of about a Vice President, I do not remember there being talk of branches of government, I do not remember America or any country being mentioned, the public had no idea about this, I think the President Of The United States was alive & well in the first part of the dream but I can not remember what else happened so I am not sure if something happened to him or not, this group seemed to often pick new Presidents like this President position was changed very often compared to normal President positions of most countries, et cetera; the President that they were going to pick seemed to be a secret/hidden President outside of normal government/politics, maybe a shadow government and/or secret World Government or something.

During the meeting it seemed that they would randomly picked a group of people and from that group of people they would choose the new President after looking into their backgrounds & researching them, but I can not remember the details of the meeting; I just remember that they picked a school teacher or retired school teacher (I think) as the new President, she had medium – dark brown colored skin & black colored hair.

After choosing the new President the woman who they had chosen was brought to the room, she seemed to have no idea what was going on, and so the group briefly explained what was going on; and the woman still seemed surprised like this was her first time seeing them or hearing anything about this, so it seemed that she had no connections with anyone in the group or this secret process & she did not seem rich or well-connected.

After explaining things they gave the woman a choice to accept the position as President or not, and the woman chose to accept the position as President; and so they performed a short ritual/ceremony to officially make her the new President.

She was given a few unknown security guards, an assistant or assistants, et cetera and they started to brief/explain to her about her new position and about the current issues on the agenda/current issues that needed to be dealt with; but as this was going on, the woman with me and/or I  and/or someone else sensed someone or something sneaking around the security outside, and so we went to investigate.

I remember seeing flashes of a man with powers, who was sneaking around the security outside the apartment complex, and it seemed that he was looking for someone; probably the woman with me, and so we went to warn the new President.

We warned her that she needed to increase her security and leave to a more secure location, but the new President was acting too relaxed & she did not seem worried about her security situation, and so she refused our advice; oddly she was acting like this new position as President had made her over-confident, and she was acting like she had been President for a long time or something & she was no longer surprised or shocked.

The woman and I decided to go deal with the possible security threat ourselves, I am not sure if we talked with the man with powers or not, but I remember that we left in an automobile to lead the threat away from the President it seemed; since I think that the man with powers had been looking for the woman with me, and I think that he might have had a message for the woman with me to meet his leader for a meeting.

On the way to the meeting we stopped and picked up the President’s daughter, who looked like the former girlfriend of the character Dr. Will Zimmerman from the TV show Sanctuary, and I think that a fake version Dr. Zimmerman was working with the new President’s staff & that the new President’s daughter was his former girlfriend in this dream as well.

The woman with me explained to us that things were not always what they seemed in our world or something like that, that there were people and/or non-humans with powers in our world, and she tried to explain to the new President’s daughter why her former boyfriend had acted strange at times; because he could noticed some of these strange things in this world, but he struggled trying to make sense of it since it conflicted with what he was taught about reality.

The woman said that she helped him discover some of the truth about this world, and now that conflict that used to plague him was gone; and she asked the new President’s daughter to look out of the window & try to look closely for strange things that you sometimes can feel, and that if you look closely enough you might see some of the things that are normally hidden to many people too afraid or conflicted to look deeper or something like that.

The new President’s daughter started to look out of the window of the automobile, as we drove up a fictional road, that looked like the road near the volleyball court in D but there was a bridge or tunnel over the train tracks that had graffiti on it; and the new President’s daughter realized that the woman was probably right about her former boyfriend, and she felt a bit sorry for not given him a chance and/or for not being able to see that before.

She started to realize that certain things in life were strange & she could sometimes feel that, but she would ignore it or try to explain it away; and so she looked closely out of the window, and she started to notice something strange in the graffiti or in some homeless-looking men near the tunnel or bridge.

She was able to see that something was not normal about them and/or the graffiti, and the woman congratulated her for finally seeing beyond the normal or something like that; and we stopped under the bridge or tunnel to have a meeting with a few homeless-looking men.

These men had powers and/or they were not even human, I do not know, but their leader seemed to represent people and/or non-humans with powers; and he told us his demands to give to the new President.

The woman did not like his aggressive tone and she felt that he was demanding too much, and so a bit of an argument began trying to lower his demands; I think that one thing that he demanded were more generators, and some other things.

It seemed that many humans and/or non-humans with power usually hid in various places, so they needed certain supplies & resources some times maybe, and they seemed to have an agreement with the secret President/secret group who chooses the President; and it seemed that the agreement kept the peace between both sides, it kept the existence of the humans and/or non-humans with power secret, et cetera, but that is a guess.

The woman managed to get the leader to calm down on his demands a bit, and then she told him that she would share his demands with the new President, and then we left; and I remember us talking about how we could offer a counter offer that could lower their demands a bit, and we talked about how to best communicate this to the new President.

The new President’s daughter was still a bit shocked & surprised & I was very curious about almost everything that had happened & I had many questions, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂