Sneaking Around A Big Company Building

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, I have no idea how the dream began, but I remember several people and I going into a big multi-story/floor building that seemed to belong to a fictional version of the company that I used to work for; I think that we were running and/or hiding from something, and somehow we found a way into the building where there was no security.

The building was near water in a fictional city, probably one that is sometimes in my dreams, and several of my former classmates JP & FS & several other people were with me.

We entered an area of the building where there was no one around, and then we went into a dimly lit room that appeared to belong to the man who had founded the company; it was a large room with a desk near the windows to the outside, and there were some windows around some of the walls of the office, so people walking in the hallway & in the office next to it could somewhat see into the office.

We ducked & stayed low to avoid being seen, in case someone walked by the windows of the office, and the office was decorated with inventions, products, photographs, et cetera; I remember there were robots on display and other types of machines.

I am not sure if the founder of the company was dead or not or if he was on his lunch break, either way no one was in the office, but eventually a woman was in the office next to it & I think that a security guard walked through the hallway outside of the office that we were in; and so we decided to take a risk & sneak to another area before someone saw us in the office.

I think we sneaked through a hallway to an area where there were some janitors and/or construction workers working & taking breaks, and we hid in a bathroom; but eventually some of the workers came to use the bathroom, and so we pretended to be using the bathroom as well.

A few of the workers recognized us, since some of them were some of our former classmates such as: SK, LT, and a few others; and we stopped to talk to them, and we pretended to be working with the company as well.

We then walked off trying to find a new place to hide, it seemed that this building had a variety of workers & that the company had a variety businesses in the same building, and at some point we came across a school that was in the building; and teachers were moving students into the hallway to prepare for a major test, and so we found some uniforms shirts that the teachers were wearing to disguise ourselves & we pretended to be teachers or workers.

Our plan was working until a mean teacher saw us & she did not recognize us, and so she asked what we were doing there; and I told her that we were volunteers, and she said that she did not remember hearing anything about volunteers helping, since even teachers had to have a certain clearance to be able to help with the test.

Fortunately she was busy trying to organize things so the kids could start their test, and so she did not call security; and so we started to pretend to be helping while slowly sneaking away.

We then decided to try to sneak out of the building, once we figured out where the exits were, since the building was big & it had many floors; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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