The Android Experiment

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Last night I barely remember some of the end of my last dream, which took place during the day, at a fictional modern building far away from any fictional city; I think that this area or an area similar to it has been in a few of my past dreams.

I think that I was with a woman who probably was like a fake Helen Magnus from the TV show Sanctuary, and I think that another woman was with us; and I think that we drove to the fictional modern building for some unknown reason.

I remember that we went inside of the building which had a main lobby, several stairways, and the building had several floors; and I think that there was a small library in the building & that the building had a variety of uses/types of areas.

I can not remember what happened during this time, but at some point we were running from what I think was an experimental android (I am not sure what it was but this is what I think that it was) that was sent by an unknown shadow/secret group to get some information/knowledge and/or a special item from us; this android looked human and it looked like a man, and it might have looked like me or it looked like someone else.

The reason that I am confused by its appearance, is because the android had some of my memories/thoughts/knowledge/et cetera, somehow members of the shadow/secret group and/or the android had somehow copied some of my brain; but I am not sure when or how they did that or how much of my brain did they copy to the android.

I remember thinking that the android did not need food, water, sleep, and it never gets tired; but it did have a power source that could run out of power if it was not re-charged or replaced, and I think that the power source was located in its chest area but I am not sure.

The android used some of my memories to find us & to trap us, and the android was trying to capture us so that it could copy all of our brains to help it find something and/or someone and/or to complete its mission and/or that was part of the experiment; but I am not sure if we would die or not after the brain copying process or how it would copy our brains, because we were not going to let it copy our brains.

To me the android seemed to want to copy the rest of my brain maybe, but its main target was the woman who reminded me of Helen Magnus, I remember thinking that she had many years of knowledge that the android & shadow/secret group wanted to help them, since she was hundreds of years old; and she had knowledge on the item(s) and/or person/people who they were looking for.

The android had us trapped in the building and it kept preventing us from escaping by blocking off each exit that we tried to use, and so we went around the building in circles running from the android for a long time; which was very annoying since the android seemed to be using some of my memories to help predict our movements.

After a while we got tired of running and I was tired of the android using my memories, and I was afraid since I was not sure how many of my memories had the android been given; and so we started to make a plan to deal with the android.

I hoped that we could keep running until the android ran out of power, but I did not think that would happen any time soon, and so I suggested that I deal with the android alone so that the others could escape; especially the woman who reminded me of Helen Magnus, since the knowledge in her brain was too valuable to let them copy it.

The two women did not want me to stay alone since I would probably die & have my entire brain copied by the android, but I convinced them that we could split up to confuse the android & I would make the android focus its attention on me while the woman who reminded me of Helen Magnus would escape in the automobile & the other woman could help me continue to run around the building in circles to distract the android & hopefully make it run out of power eventually if she wanted to.

We split up and I got the android to focus its attention on me by talking & taunting it, and I really was angry that the android had some of my memories & so this was personal/serious to me; and I wanted to destroy the android once it lost enough power, which would hopefully weaken it enough to be destroyed.

The woman who reminded me of Helen Magnus escaped in the automobile, but I am not sure if the other woman went with her or not, I just remember running around talking & taunting the android; hoping to get my chance to destroy it.

I still can not remember if the android looked like me or not, since my feelings about it having some of my memories made me feel that it was part me, and so the android is somewhat associated with me in my memory because of this dream.

I remember that I did not want this android to copy all of my brain & use that to harm other people & the World, and so I was willing to die to stop it if necessary; but I tried to focus on making it waste its power so that I could destroy it without dying. 😉

This entire thing seemed to be a big conspiracy and experiment by the shadow/secret group who seemed to have a large network of compartmentalized groups around the World who were taking orders from an unknown source; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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