Crying Like A Man

Last night I forgot most of my dreams due to a few dramatic parts in my last dream, but I think that I had a dream or dreams that had something to do with L, a job, driving, and my parents.

My last dream took place during the day in a fictional version of D where the SB should be, I had just drove to D from L probably, and I might have stopped at where the SB should be which was larger than in real life and it looked like a building that has been in a few of my past dreams; and I might have met and/or worked with my dad there.


Tongue Shock

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Dream 1

Last night I had a lot of unique dreams but I only remember part of some of them, with the first dream fragment that I can remember taking place in a mansion with whitish colored carpeted floors on the first floor, and I remember people and/or something running around the mansion; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment took place in the same mansion and I was with some of my former classmates and my former high school English teacher Mrs. H, and we were having a class photograph taken; and so we were standing together following the directions of the camera person.

After the class photograph we started moving to our desks in a classroom in the mansion, and I remember not being nervous really; and I mostly avoided looking directly at my classmates.

I remember trying to find a desk and I found one across the room near where Mrs. H was starting the lesson, and she was telling us about Learning; and she gave a good lecture about Learning and about passing on knowledge & learning strategies to our kids & to future generations, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The next dream fragment took place in D on the street by my parent’s house and I was walking up the street as a woman in the neighborhood, her two kids, a Chihuahua, and another small dog played in the street; and I waved and I smiled to them as I passed by them, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I crossed over to the next street and I saw a large alligator, and I decided to try to get it to follow me away from the area so that it would not kill the woman, her kids, and the dogs; and the alligator followed/chased me at a slow stalking pace like it wanted to eat me, and I walked until I could turn at a corner of a house.

I found something that I could use to stab the alligator in the head when it came around the corner, and so I started imaging various ways that I might be able to kill the alligator without getting myself killed; but I am not sure if I ever got to kill the alligator or not, I just remember a man coming around the corner, and he walked me to a small concrete structure.

The front of the concrete structure was open with no walls or doors in the front but the alligator would not see us unless it walked in front of the structure, and the man started showing me some unique handmade electronic things inside of the concrete structure on the ceiling.

Some of the handmade electronics would make noise, music, cool lights & colors, radio signals, et cetera; and one of them had a picture of DashieXP (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube on glass with cool lights & colors almost like a lava lamp or something, or it had something to do with DashieXP.

The man wanted me to listen to the DashieXP related electronic thing and he put some headphones on my head, and I was able to hear some sounds and/or music; and there were lights and cool colors on the glass, but then the man grabbed two wires that were connected to it and he touched them together, which caused a spark.

Then he started reaching the wires toward my face as I told him to keep it away from me, and he touched the two wires on my tongue as I was arguing with him; and a jolt hit me that was like a concussion blast mixed with an electric shock mixed with a drug burst, that made my brain feel weird and it made a ringing-like noise in my ears like after a stun grenade explodes and I could even taste the jolt from the wires which tasted almost like touching a 9V battery to your tongue.

The lights and colors on the glass started to look very vivid and unique, the colors were more intense and rich than in real life, and the music & sounds were playing uniquely, and it was like all of this was happening in my brain like the jolt passed it directly to my brain or something crazy; and it was a short, interesting, strange, and amazing few seconds that caused me to jump awake in the real world from the jolt.

I could still feel it a few seconds after waking up and I took a few minutes to recover and to think about the dreams that I had until that point, and then I went back to sleep.

Dream 4

The next dream took place in a fictional version of D near the C Elementary School, and I was going to a fictional clinic to see a doctor; and I remember seeing a nurse who checked me at first, and then I saw a doctor who looked and acted like Dr. James Watson from the TV show Sanctuary.

Dr. Watson asked me a few questions about my past, present, and possible futures after looking at my medical chart; and he was able to guess certain things that I had not told him, based off of my answers to his questions, he was smart in that detective-like way.

I was impressed and we talked about various things about my life & life in general, after learning all that he needed to know, Mr. Watson started quickly drawing a certain type of dinosaur as we talked with pretty good detail to my surprise; I complimented him on his drawing ability, and he told me that particular dinosaur’s head structure was always hard for him to draw and that he never draws it quite right.

He then told me that he wanted to have a few tests done on me before I left, and he left the room; and later a male nurse came in to check me, and I remember him telling me about a home remedy for a certain type of fungus.

The male nurse was very talkative, annoyingly so, and after he was done he left the room; and later an old male doctor came into the room to do the last tests, but I had no idea what tests were to be done.

I remember asking the old doctor what kind of tests were to be done on me but he started telling me some long story that had nothing to do with my question, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 5

The last dream is very confusing and I remember Dr. Will Zimmerman from Sanctuary waking up on the second floor of a small apartment house near where the clinic was, but I am not sure if I was Dr. Zimmerman at first or if I was seeing this without being in the dream at first.

I think that there was another dream before this where I/Him/We met a woman or some women in a fictional version of downtown D, and he might have started dating one of them and she was an FBI agent or worked with an Intelligence Agency or something; but I can not remember this dream.

Anyway, Dr. Zimmerman woke up feeling like he had been drugged and/or knocked unconscious, and he noticed that his apartment looked like someone had robbed it and messed it up a bit; and he started to noticed stolen things, messed up things, and booby traps.

He called for help and I was there in the dream directly now (I was already there but not in the dream at first), my brother GC came, and several other people; and we slowly searched the house disabling booby traps, cleaning up, and searching for clues to what happened.

A few of us were on guard duty because we feared that his girlfriend or the woman was behind this, and that somehow an Intelligence Agency was involved and we feared that they would attack if they realized that we disabled all the booby traps.

I remember being able to see some of Dr. Zimmerman’s flashbacks of what might have happened with clips of the woman, phone calls, threats, scenes of him being dragged into bed, et cetera.

Most of the booby traps were minor traps but a few were deadly, and I remember us fearing being watch by an Intelligence Agency; and I remember something about a helicopter or airplane about to land in the field by the house or something, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Zombie-Like Beings And Alien-Like Beings Underground?

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Last night I only remember part of my last dream, which was pretty interesting, but I do not remember the beginning of the dream; and so it does not make that much sense without the beginning of the dream.

I remember entering or being in an underground area that was similar to the underground museum of ancient cultures that has been in a few of my past dreams, and I was either with several people and/or I found several people; but I am not sure why we were in this underground area, and I can not remember what happened during this part in the dream.


Annoying And Escaping From Security Guards

Last night I had several dreams but one or more of my dreams had a lot of detail(s), repeated several times, and I woke up a few times which caused me to forget most of my dreams; but I do remember some of my last dream fragments.

It took place during the day and night in a fictional version of D, at a building that might have been a clinic, and I remember walking around this building; and at some point I met a man and his young daughter(s), who were poor, and they could not afford the medical treatment & they needed a place to live.

I understood their situation, since I am in the same situation, and I remember trying to help them talk to the workers at the clinic to help them; but the workers were treating them like most of society seems to treat those of us in the lower class/low-income/poor of society, and so they/we were being rejected coldly due to our lack of money/et cetera.

The man begged the workers for help and he tried to tell them about the serious condition that his daughter(s) had, and that they could die without treatment; but the workers still rejected us coldly, and they did not offer any advice, no money, no service.

I remember walking off and talking with the man and his daughter(s), trying to think of ways to help them, and at some point we found an abandoned RV-like house connected to or near the clinic; and so we went inside of it to explore.

It was obviously abandoned but the man and his daughter(s) could live there, but two security guards for the clinic came to tell us to leave.

One security guard was an obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair and the other security guard was an overweight man with whitish colored skin with short hair, and they both wore blueish colored security uniforms.

We asked the security guards about the abandoned RV-like house, I am not sure what they said but I think that they confirmed that it was abandoned and that the clinic had no plans on using it, but that we were not allowed to use it or explore it; and so they coldly told us to leave, but we tried to convince them to ask the clinic if the man and his daughter(s) could use it.

But the security guards threatened to call the police on us if we did not leave, and so I think that we went to ask the workers at the clinic about the abandoned RV-like house; but they rejected us again, and so we angrily & sadly left the clinic.

I was not ready to give up and so I decided to sneak back into the RV-like house, but the security guards caught me again and they started asking me my name and my other information because they were filing a report to the police on me; so I kept my back turned to them mostly so that they could not get a good look at my face and I only told them my first name (John), and while they were distracted writing the report, I ran.

I climbed through a screened window, I opened and jumped through another window, I jumped over a fence, and I ran to the highway near where Walmart should be; and the security guards could only slightly describe my appearance and my first name to the police, and so the police were not able to find me.

Later the dream repeated several times, each time I would escape from the security guards, improving each time usually; until I would escape before the security guards could even get close.

During these repeats and/or multiple escape attempts, I would sometimes play around, and one time I hid in the woods waiting for the police to arrive and then I started walking up the road so the police could see me; and I asked a police officer for directions or something, and he had no idea that I was the person that he was supposed to be arresting. 😀

Sometimes I would taunt the two security guards, who were too out-of-shape to catch me. 😀

I got so good at escaping that it was like I was doing an obstacle course and/or an Olympic sport, I knew exactly what to do, and here was my usual pattern: sneak into the RV-like house, wait until I see the security guards coming and that they realize that I am inside of the RV-like house, climb through the screened window, jump through a glass window which I usually already had opened, run across the field, jump over the fence, run through the woods and/or on side of the highway, and/or hid in the woods and/or explore some of the shops near the highway.

I sneaked into the RV-like house and escaped so many times that I can not remember how many times that I did it, I did it so much that the dream went from day to night to morning, that is how many times I did this. 😀

I am not even sure why I kept sneaking into the RV-like house exactly, I know that I wanted the man and his daughter(s) to use it, but I am not sure how sneaking into it would help.

At some point I finally stopped playing around and I remember walking across town talking with a few people occasionally, to hide from the police, on my way back home.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Car And A House And More

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Last night I had too many dreams and/or my dreams had too many details for me to remember much of them, they were interesting though, and I think that most of the dreams took place during the day but one dream also took place during the night until the next morning since the dream was so long.

I remember my mom bringing an unknown brand car to show me, that she was thinking about buying for a very low price from a woman in a fictional version of D, and the car was a grayish/silverish color with a strange style that might have been a bit European and/or 1980s and/or 1990s.

I remember looking inside of it, it was in somewhat good condition for its age, and I remember test driving it; and it worked.

My mom said that we had several days to try it before buying it, and that the price was very low.

I am not sure if the car was going to be for me or my brother CC, I already have an automobile in real life, but in this dream I am not sure if I had one or not; my automobile might have been damaged and/or broken and/or stolen in this dream.

I remember my mom and I driving the car across town almost to where GA should be, and we went to the house of the woman who was selling the car; and it was a nice multi-story home.

The woman was home and she told us that her husband had died or they had divorced, and so she was selling his stuff for a very low price because she did not need it or want it; and the woman seemed to be glad that her husband was gone, and she did not have anything nice to say about him.

The woman might have sold the house too, I am not sure, because later in the dream my family, some other people, and I were staying in the house; and I think that we had bought the car and/or house and/or some other stuff at this point in the dream.

I remember the other people and I spending time inside & outside of the house, we had a good time, and the woman might have been with us as well; but I am not sure, and I can not remember most of the details of the dream.

After spending the day, afternoon, and evening at the house it was now night; and I remember most of us getting ready to sleep on an upper floor near a lot of windows, where there were a lot of beds, and it was a nice area where you could see the moon & the sky & the backyard, and there might have been a swimming pool in the backyard.

I remember laying in bed talking to some of the people in the beds near mine, then I started trying to go to sleep, but at some point I was awakened by the husband of the woman who owned or used to own the house; and he attacked/tried to take over the house and his old stuff.

I can not remember the details, but the husband was very mean and violent; and he was trying to claim the house and his old stuff, and so we had a stand-off with the husband.

I remember there being a lot of arguing with the husband, and the woman argued with her former husband as well; and I remember trying to find a compromise and/or a way to deal with the situation without violence.

At some point I drove off and I went to my former classmate DH’s parent’s house, and DH was there and he gave me a dessert that he made himself; and the desserts were nicely packaged like he was going to sell them, and they looked very good & professional to my surprise.

I remember tasting the dessert, I could actually taste it, and it was very good to my surprise; and I remember telling DH that he did a great job making them, and that he should start selling them.

DH did not really seem interested in selling them, but I tried to convince him that it was a good idea; and then I told him about the situation/stand-off with the husband.

I am not sure if he was going to come help us or not, but he would be a huge help if things got violent.

I can not remember the rest of this dream or my other dreams during the night, but I know that there was more.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂