A Leaky Ceiling & Powers & DashieXP?

Last night I barely remembered part of my last dream which took place during the day at a fictional college I think, and at some point a group of students & I were sent to a building with at least two floors.

We were waiting on the first floor, which was mostly one long hallway with seating on both sides of the hallway that went down the entire hallway.

By the entrance was a desk where a worker sat & there was a stairway to the second floor across from the desk, and the rest of us sat talking in the seating areas that went down the entire hallway.

I remember some of my former classmates being among the students such as: TT (TC), JH, et cetera; and DashieXP from YouTube was there for some reason, and I was talking with them mostly.

Everyone was having a good time & I think that some food & drinks were served, probably some hot dogs & soda, and at some point I noticed mustard and/or ketchup on my seat; and so I asked around trying to figure out who spilled it, but no one knew.

Then I noticed that the mustard and/or ketchup was leaking from the ceiling above me, it seemed, which made no sense, and so DashieXP & I started to investigate by asking people if they knew anything about what was going on.

When that failed, we went to tell the worker behind the desk about what was going on, but I think that the worker was not going to investigate the issue further really & so we decided to go to the second floor to investigate the leak.

I can not remember what happened during this part, I only remember being alone in a strange indoor / outdoor area where I accidentally found something that I was not supposed to see, and a female guard with powers saw me in this restricted area.

She started trying to catch me, but I found out that I had powers too & so I started trying to fly away.

The strange indoor/outdoor area might have had some water with a few walkways & stairs like a courtyard area between two research facilities or something.

I think that she could somewhat fly too, but we both had problems trying to fly, and so we started out jumping high instead of flying at first; she continued to chase me, and then I figured out how to start flying & floating & I flew off into the sky real fast in a burst, but then I slowed down again.

The woman could not catch up with me since I had flown off so fast, since she was still trying to figure out how to control her flying, and that gave me time to continue to improve my flying skills; and I remember flying far away to another space/orbit of another planet/another dream world sky or space/or something, it is too hard to describe.

I do not think that it was like normal dark space with stars but it might have been, but it was the furthest that I have probably ever flown in a dream; and I remember seeing interesting colors/lights & things/natural elements & probably one or more planets or natural floating objects in this space or sky.

In the restricted area, I saw something classified that the woman & I & our powers seemed to be connected to / with, but I am not sure what it was.

I am not sure if I also saw it again as I was flying in this strange space or sky, either way, I was starting to think about the situation as I enjoyed the beautiful sights as I flew.

I decided to fly back to try to talk with the woman because I thought that we were connected somehow & that we might have the same powers, and the woman seemed to be thinking the same thing; and so it seemed that she was going to stop chasing me, and that she would join me to figure out what was going on.

She seemed to have also been surprised by whatever it was that I found in the restricted area, and she seemed to no longer trust who ever she was working for; and so I flew back to talk with her, but I kept my distance in the sky.

But I woke up as we started talking.

The end,

  • John Jr:)

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