Another Sanctuary Inspired Dream

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Last night I remember part of the end of my last dream which was yet another Sanctuary inspired dream, but I am not sure how it started exactly, I just remember being inside of a classroom-like room in a building; but I am not sure what happened, everything is unclear.

Something happened and Helen Magnus & maybe one or two other main characters from the TV show Sanctuary came to the building, but I am not sure what happened; I just remember that we traveled one or more times by a portal device that they used to teleport to the Sanctuary & maybe other places.

The last person who entered the portal would always shoot the portal with something that would form a red outline around the portal, to maybe stabilize the portal and/or lock it, I am not sure but I remember the last person to enter the portal would always do that.

I guess they/we went on a mission but something went wrong, and we got ambushed; and a man who had targeted Mrs. Magnus, did something to her that caused her brain to start breaking down.

We escaped with Mrs. Magnus to the Sanctuary to protect her and to try to stop the deterioration/breaking down of her brain, but I think that the man who had attacked her knew how to get to the Sanctuary and/or he was still a threat.

There were more members of the main Sanctuary team than on the TV show, and the team was more diverse; and somehow we copied Mrs. Magnus memories/brain to my brain temporarily, as we tried to stop the deterioration of her brain, to prevent her from losing most of her memories/et cetera.

Mrs. Magnus started to act irrational, aggressive, and strange as her brain slowly deteriorated; but we had hope that a certain treatment would stop the deterioration & save Mrs. Magnus.

Part of the team went after the man who attacked her, I think that he had stolen something from us during the attack, and part of the team stayed to protect the Sanctuary & Mrs. Magnus since we expected another attack; and I remember being able to see & know certain things that I did not see/know before, since I now had Mrs. Magnus’s memories.

I remember teleporting through the portal several times with part of the team, so I must have left the Sanctuary at least once, but I came back to the Sanctuary to help protect it as I waited for them to save Mrs. Magnus so that I could transfer her memories back to her.; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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