Job Tryouts

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Last night I managed to remember part of one of my dreams that took place around 6:Something AM, even after briefly waking up & having several other dreams, surprisingly.

I had a terrible headache before I went to bed so I was out of it most of the night, but I woke up after this dream trying to remember some of it, but then I went in & out of a few other dreams still trying to remember this dream during those dreams; and I even had a dream that I was typing this dream on my computer, but I realized that was not real.

Basically I did not feel like getting out of bed to type or write my dream, so I dreamed that I did, and when I realized that was not real I decided to try to remember some of this dream during some of my other dreams instead; which worked, but during various states of consciousness & unconsciousness I forgot some of the dream, as expected.

Even after all that, over three hours later of dreaming, daydreaming, thinking, sleeping, waking up, I still remember part of this dream.

I think that the dream started at my parent’s house and I saw an advertisement for a computer and/or internet and/or game related job in the newspaper or online, and so I applied for it; and hours or days later the phone rang, and one of my brothers gave me the phone after telling me that someone wanted to talk to me.

On the phone was a woman with an accent like she was from somewhere in the United Kingdom (UK) (British), and she said that she was calling for John about a job opportunity; and so I made sure that she was calling for me and not my dad, I asked her when was this job applied for, I asked her what kind of job was it, I asked her for the name of her company, and I asked her several other things.

I was trying to make sure that this was a legitimate call, I am not used to getting call backs about jobs, in real life I have done hundreds of applications without luck mostly; so I was a bit suspicious at first.

Eventually I realized that it was a legitimate call and I realized that it was about the job that I had applied for, and then I got a bit excited; and the woman asked me to come for a job try-out or something like that.

The next day or whatever I was magically at the job, I have no idea where it was located or how I got there, I just remember being in a small one floor office-like building; and I was greeted by the woman who I had talked to on the phone, who had whitish colored skin but I can not remember how she looked exactly.

She had another person who also worked there, who was from India (Indian) or Pakistan (Pakistani), and he had medium brownish colored skin with black hair; and he greeted me as well.

The woman told me that the man from India or Pakistan was the most important part of her business, she had hired him one day and he turned out to be a genius who was good at programming games & other things, and her business grew because of him; but he was ready to leave her business, and so she needed someone to replace him.

She was so desperate to find a replacement for him that she put the advertisement for the job out and she was doing job try-outs for almost anyone who applied for the job, and she had almost tried everything to make the man stay but that failed.

She told me a bit about the business and she walked me around the small office-like building, which was a nice & pretty comfortable place, and we talked a bit; if I did well I would probably get hired, and then she went to her office so that the man from India or Pakistan could start showing me my job duties.

The man was also nice & he seemed a bit sad about the fact that one day soon he would leave the woman’s business, because he once enjoyed his job & he respected the woman, but he told me why he was leaving the job.

He said that in the beginning the woman’s business was a tiny start-up and that when he was hired he found out that he was good at the job, and he started to do some amazing things; but after the woman realized his potential, she started demanding more of his time, until he spent most of his day & night at work.

He was tired of working so much, his life was now just working mostly for long hours with a lot of pressure, and the woman’s business grew greatly because of him; but she kept demanding more, like it was never enough.

He was grateful that the woman had given him the job & he liked her as a person, but he could not longer handle the job as it was now; he could leave when he wanted, but he wanted to stay just a bit longer until a replacement is found.

He told me that he was not going to stay long enough to fully train his replacement, and so he was hoping that his replacement would be someone who could adapt to the job on their own.

The man showed me a few things about his job, which I think involved programming mostly, something which I know nothing about; but I showed him some of my knowledge of computers, the internet, gaming, and that I could learn well with hands-on training.

The man seemed hopeful about my chances, and then I remember talking with the woman & him; but I can not remember the rest of the dream during this part.

Next, I remember leaving the job for the day and I walked outside where the abandoned mobile home that my grandfather owns should me, and I saw my former classmate DH & a few more people walking down the street & so I went to talk with them.

I told them about my first day of job try-outs & we talked about a few other things, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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