Silvia Saint And My Cousin CE And JH

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of at least three dreams, with the first dream taking place in a slightly fictional version of my grandfather’s yard, and the people in the dream seemed to be from another time period like the 1950s or something; their hairstyles, clothing styles, and behavior seemed to probably fit that time period.

There was a group of people, mostly men, in the yard for some type of show; and I was there with an unknown woman and a woman named Silvia Saint, who I think was supposed to be my girlfriend, and she looked slightly like Marilyn Monroe.

Silvia was supposed to be participating in the show at some point, which seemed to be a competition between women, that was a combination of modelling/singing/performing/a beauty contest/et cetera; but it was done in a more family friendly way than now-a-days, but still in a sexy (if that is the word) way.

There was a stage in front of my grandfather’s house,  at least I think that his house was behind it, and the crowd was in the yard in front of the stage; and the unknown woman, Silvia, and I were under the boat port/garage.

The unknown woman seemed to be a friend of Silvia, who was helping urge her, since Silvia seemed a bit nervous & shy; and I talked with Silvia as well, letting her know that she did not have to compete if she did not want to.

After watching several other women finish on stage, it was Silvia’s turn, and Silvia nervously went on stage; as the unknown woman and I said some words of encouragement.

To our surprise and the crowds surprise, Silvia started to do a great performance that might have been a bit of a Marilyn Monroe inspired performance, where she provocatively sang & danced & performed; as the crowd of mostly men went wild, and the judges were in shock.

Silvia finished her performance with huge cheers from the crowd and it was obvious that she would win, and we congratulated Silvia once she got off-stage; but I am not sure what happened next.

Dream 2

Next, I remember being on the front side of my grandfather’s house near the street, and my cousin CE from T came to visit my grandfather; and he showed me a plastic-like coated large map, and he asked me for directions to a city near LC.

CE said that he had gotten a job at a fast food restaurant in a city near LC, after a long time with no job offers in T, he decided to try to find a job in L; and so now he needed help finding the city so that he could find a place to stay so that he could start his job.

I tried to help him with the map while taking about various things and I think that several other family members arrived, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

After that I remember being in a small classroom with a few unknown people and a female teacher, one of my fellow students was a woman named JH, and our class was in a constant argument about various things.

The teacher was trying to help us to learn how to get along/work together, her approach was to let us argue while she simply prevented us from physically fighting while occasionally giving advice , and I remember that JH and I seemed to agree on most issues; and we constantly worked together in the various arguments with the class.

For some reason our class seemed to not be able to agree on almost anything and they seemed to be used to arguing a lot, and so we had to take breaks occasionally from arguing, and JH & I would go to an unknown building where maybe she lived or something.

JH and I seemed to get along well, a bit too well, and I remember us having various good conversations; and we seemed more like a couple than just fellow classmates.

I remember that we enjoyed our talks during breaks and that our relationship seemed to get stronger/closer after every break, and during arguments with the class we worked together better too, after each break; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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