Kate Freelander And The Doctor’s Office On A Train

Source: IMDb

Last night I remember part of my last dream which took place during the day, but I do not remember the beginning of the dream.

I remember being with a group of people and we might have been classmates in this dream, I am not sure, I just remember several of us getting injured somehow; and we went to a hospital or clinic that was close to or connected to our school or whatever building we were at.

Kate Freelander (played by the actress Agam Darshi) from the TV show Sanctuary was one of the injured people in our group, and another injured person was my former classmate AW.

I remember us taking them and the others to a large waiting room, where most of the workers seemed to be from India (Indian), and I think some of them knew Mrs. Freelander; but I think that they were giving us a bit of a hard time, so we were going to have to wait a long time until we could see a doctor.

I think that a few people in my group had a bit of an argument with the workers, but that did not help; and so some of us decided to stay waiting in the waiting room, and the rest of us walked off for some fresh air and/or to find another doctor.

I remember carrying AW, since her leg was hurt, and we went to an outdoor/indoor area; and I remember seeing some other workers, and Mrs. C was one of them & most of the workers in the area seemed to be from Eastside.

Some of them knew AW and so I think that they told AW that she could wait in their waiting room to see their doctor, and so AW went to their waiting room with a few other people from our group; and the rest of us started to prepare to play soccer.

My right knee was still bothering me like in real life, and so I decided to try to be the goalie instead, since there was no goalie at first; but the goal was a wall with two big windows, which would be easily broken, and so I suggested that the goal be moved down to where there was only a wall with no window.

We stopped to debate the issue and question whether we should play soccer at all, since we were afraid to break something, this outdoor/indoor area looked like it was outside but it was like being in a building with short walls with windows & grass/dirt for the floor & no roof so you could see the sky.

I think that we decided not to play soccer, then I remember my mom walking over & she suggested that we go somewhere else to find a doctor to check my knee again, and so we drove off to find a doctor.

We drove not far away outside of an old hospital or building where construction was going on, and we parked in a grassy alley with little ponds of water; and to my surprise my mom walked through one of the ponds, which got her dress wet, but I jumped over the smaller ponds to reach the other side instead of walking through the ponds.

We reached a group of old broken silverish (I think, with maybe a few other light colors) colored city trains (the kind you see in big cities in subways/et cetera) that were being used as doctor offices for a doctor clinic complex made of only old city trains, and oddly this place seemed familiar like I had been there before many years ago.

A dog walked toward my mom barking or growling near the entrance of one of the trains, and so I ran toward the dog showing it that I was not afraid & that I was ready to fight if necessary; and the dog was able to sense/feel my energy levels rise, and so it got quiet & it backed off to my surprise.

We entered the train, which was also connected to a strange upper area where there were working trains above the broken trains, which had their own rail system above the broken trains; and I think that we saw a cat in one of the broken trains, and then we went to the upper area which had a small area where you could board one of the working trains.

I found out why this place felt familiar, my mom said that she used to take me to a doctor at this place, but one day the doctor got in trouble/lost their license/got put in jail/or something; and so she stopped taking me to this place.

It seemed mostly abandoned now, a place where cheap doctors and not so skilled doctors would open their own offices, and I started to remember where my old doctor used to be; and so we walked to where it used to be.

We boarded one of the working trains and we saw a small tanish/light brownish colored dog, and then a female doctor greeted us; and I think that she was my old doctor.

She explained what had happened in the past and how she had finally gotten her license back, and then she started up the train; and she started driving the train on the rail system, oddly I was somewhat blocking the window that allowed her to see where she was going since the driving controls were at the front of the train & I was near the back of the train where the window was that she needed, but she said that she could still drive it without needing to see everything.

I was a bit nervous about her driving without being able to see where she was going, so I moved out-of-the-way, and I looked out of the window as the train moved & as the doctor continued talking; it was cool, but I was still a bit afraid of how overly relaxed & unprofessional the doctor seemed, and how rough this doctor clinic complex looked.

I started to remember some old memories of when I used to come to this doctor as a kid, it was nice thinking of that while riding on this strange rail system while enjoying the view, even though the area looked pretty rough; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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