Alligators In Farm Land

Last night I barely remember the end of my last dream, which took place during the day on some fictional farm land, where several different farmers owned sections of the land; and each farmer and their families grew various crops.

Most of the farmers were somewhat older men who were in the process of teaching their kids all of their farming secrets, and so I saw several farmers with their sons, farming.

Each farmer knew what area of the land that belonged to them, even though there were no dividers that separated their area of land from the other farmers areas, they all shared the same land.

I remember talking to several farmers and their families, one farmer was an older man with medium – dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair, who had about three or more sons; and he had some special farming techniques and/or crops that no one else had or knew about, and he had not finished teaching his farming secrets to his sons.

He wanted to pass on his farming secrets before he died, or they would be lost.

There were several other farmers and their families, but I only remember talking to one or two other farmers and their families, one of whom was a man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair; and he had several sons as well.

All of the farmers and their families seemed to depend on their farms for food and as their only source of income from selling some of their crops, and so farming was very important to them.

It was nice seeing families working together farming in an old fashion way, and watching them passing on that knowledge to their kids.

As I walked around talking with people and exploring, I sometimes would notice holes in some of the rows of dirt, with the heads of alligators in them, like they were hiding under the dirt in pockets of water; which I thought was strange, and so I tried to avoid them.

I went to ask one of the farmers and his family why were there alligators hiding under the dirt in certain places, but then I heard someone behind me yell: “Father, no!!!!!”.

I turned around and I saw a giant alligator that was at least the size of three or more men, thrashing from under the dirt above ground like he was attacking something, and it seemed to have one of the farmers in its mouth; and so I grabbed a farming tool and I ran to help.

One of the farmers was tilling the dirt and he accidentally hit the giant alligator that was hiding under the dirt in a pocket of water,  the farmer did not see the alligator, and so the alligator attacked him; and it killed him quickly.

The sons of the farmer attacked the giant alligator wildly but I did not think that they could defeat it, and so I tried to get them to run away; but they would not, and so I came up with a plan to defeat the giant alligator.

I decided that we would surround it and one of us would distract it at-a-time while one or more of us would attack it at-a-time, because their wild attack strategy was not working.

I ran forward to distract the giant alligator, which almost got me, while they attacked it from behind; which caused it to turn toward them, and then I attacked it from behind.

We continued this strategy against the tough giant alligator, who was hard to kill, and I think that we eventually killed it or it escaped; I can not remember which.

The sons stopped to mourn their father, I also realized that some of his farming knowledge was lost forever, and then I wondered about the other alligators hiding under the dirt; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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