A Car And A House And More

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Last night I had too many dreams and/or my dreams had too many details for me to remember much of them, they were interesting though, and I think that most of the dreams took place during the day but one dream also took place during the night until the next morning since the dream was so long.

I remember my mom bringing an unknown brand car to show me, that she was thinking about buying for a very low price from a woman in a fictional version of D, and the car was a grayish/silverish color with a strange style that might have been a bit European and/or 1980s and/or 1990s.

I remember looking inside of it, it was in somewhat good condition for its age, and I remember test driving it; and it worked.

My mom said that we had several days to try it before buying it, and that the price was very low.

I am not sure if the car was going to be for me or my brother CC, I already have an automobile in real life, but in this dream I am not sure if I had one or not; my automobile might have been damaged and/or broken and/or stolen in this dream.

I remember my mom and I driving the car across town almost to where GA should be, and we went to the house of the woman who was selling the car; and it was a nice multi-story home.

The woman was home and she told us that her husband had died or they had divorced, and so she was selling his stuff for a very low price because she did not need it or want it; and the woman seemed to be glad that her husband was gone, and she did not have anything nice to say about him.

The woman might have sold the house too, I am not sure, because later in the dream my family, some other people, and I were staying in the house; and I think that we had bought the car and/or house and/or some other stuff at this point in the dream.

I remember the other people and I spending time inside & outside of the house, we had a good time, and the woman might have been with us as well; but I am not sure, and I can not remember most of the details of the dream.

After spending the day, afternoon, and evening at the house it was now night; and I remember most of us getting ready to sleep on an upper floor near a lot of windows, where there were a lot of beds, and it was a nice area where you could see the moon & the sky & the backyard, and there might have been a swimming pool in the backyard.

I remember laying in bed talking to some of the people in the beds near mine, then I started trying to go to sleep, but at some point I was awakened by the husband of the woman who owned or used to own the house; and he attacked/tried to take over the house and his old stuff.

I can not remember the details, but the husband was very mean and violent; and he was trying to claim the house and his old stuff, and so we had a stand-off with the husband.

I remember there being a lot of arguing with the husband, and the woman argued with her former husband as well; and I remember trying to find a compromise and/or a way to deal with the situation without violence.

At some point I drove off and I went to my former classmate DH’s parent’s house, and DH was there and he gave me a dessert that he made himself; and the desserts were nicely packaged like he was going to sell them, and they looked very good & professional to my surprise.

I remember tasting the dessert, I could actually taste it, and it was very good to my surprise; and I remember telling DH that he did a great job making them, and that he should start selling them.

DH did not really seem interested in selling them, but I tried to convince him that it was a good idea; and then I told him about the situation/stand-off with the husband.

I am not sure if he was going to come help us or not, but he would be a huge help if things got violent.

I can not remember the rest of this dream or my other dreams during the night, but I know that there was more.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂