Zombie-Like Beings And Alien-Like Beings Underground?

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Last night I only remember part of my last dream, which was pretty interesting, but I do not remember the beginning of the dream; and so it does not make that much sense without the beginning of the dream.

I remember entering or being in an underground area that was similar to the underground museum of ancient cultures that has been in a few of my past dreams, and I was either with several people and/or I found several people; but I am not sure why we were in this underground area, and I can not remember what happened during this part in the dream.

I remember that we found an elevator that went even further underground, there were at least four underground levels below the first underground area, and I remember us going to another lower level; which was quiet at first with a few hallways, doors that led to other rooms (several of which were bathrooms), but then we got attacked by some zombie-like beings.

I am not sure if we already had weapons or not or if we ran back to the elevator to go back up to the first level to look for weapons, either way, we came back with weapons and I had a scoped laser rifle with the beam splitter upgrade from the game Fallout: New Vegas; and we went back to fight the zombie-like beings, and I remember shooting the first zombie-like being that I saw several times.

I was still in the elevator but my shots did not effect/affect the zombie-like being, and so the other people with ran out of the elevator as the zombie-like being tried to attack me; and I was afraid at this point, and I remember hitting the zombie-like being with my weapon several times & dodging & running.

I screamed for the others to help me and we all started running around dodging & attacking, but we went further up the hallway until we go surrounded by zombie-like beings; and we started losing the fight, but before we all could die I somehow stopped & repeated this part of the dream like I did in my dream the night before last.

Like the other dream this was not a lucid dream but I somehow had partial lucid dream-like powers, and so I repeated this part of the dream and I started floating above the zombie-like beings so that they could not attack me; I would attack them from above, I would distract them from above, I would land & attack them & then float back in the sky, and I remember trying to remember cheat codes to give me and the other dream characters better weapons and/or armor.

I wanted to give each of us the All-American and/or assault rifles and/or spears and/or swords and/or shields and/or armor, but I could not remember the cheat codes; and so I wished for some random weapons instead, which were a bit better than our current weapons, and that helped us to start winning in our fight against the zombie-like beings.

The situation was scary at first, but with my new control of the dream it became a bit fun, and we defeated most or all the zombies on this underground level; and then we went to a lower underground level, and we started fighting more zombie-like beings.

I used my powers to help myself and the team, but my powers were limited, but we were able to clear or almost clear several more underground levels; but eventually we had to retreat back to the first underground level after getting over-whelmed.

We escaped to the surface during the day, which was inside of a fictional version of the D High School, but somehow a lot of zombie-like beings had found another way to the surface, and they were attacking the school; and the situation was bad, but the people with me and I started to fight the zombie-like being trying to save the school anyway, even though we were greatly out-numbered.

I remember seeing one or more strange alien-like beings who seemed to be leading and/or controlling the zombie-like beings, and they looked and acted different from the zombie-like beings; and I had a feeling that this or these alien-like beings somehow had made an opening from the underground levels to the surface, so that the zombie-like beings & them could attack.

I remember seeing one of these alien-like being pretty clearly, and I got a strange feeling when I saw it/her; and it/she was near the opening and/or one of the openings to the surface, and it/she would point in a certain direction & the zombie-like beings would go in that direction.

I am not sure if it/she ever made any sounds, I am guessing that it/she was mentally communicating with/leading/controlling the zombie-like beings with it/her mind, and it/she look powerful; and I was glad that it/she did not see me.

The situation was very bad, the school was lost and over-whelmed, and so the people with me & I called for the military and/or police and/or government and/or intelligence agencies and/or several groups for help in dealing with the situation; and we started fighting to escape to warn other people, because there was a fair going on in the city not far away.

During our escape I remember deciding to try to kill the female looking alien-like being who seemed to be controlling/leading/communicating with the zombie-like beings, and she still did not see me since she was too busy controlling/leading/communicating with the zombie-like beings.

The female looking alien-like being was tall, she was thin, she had no hair, I think that she had blueish and/or greyish colored veins that you could see under her skin on her face & head, I think that she wore a futuristic whitish colored one piece suit but I could be wrong, I am not sure what her eyes looked like, her head was a normal size I think, she had nothing covering her hands, I am not sure if her feet were covered or not, and her skin color was a light greyish/blueish/whitish color that is hard to describe; basically she did not look like any so-called alien species that I have heard of exactly, she reminded me a bit of The Woman In White who once knocked me out of one of my own dreams, and I think that I even thought of that in the dream.

I wanted to face her/talk to her personally but we had no time and we needed to escape and it was too risky, and so I started shooting her with my gun while she was not looking; and someone else on my team started shooting her as well, and then we either ran and/or we ran closer to make sure that she was dead.

After shooting her and probably killing her, the zombie-like beings attack did not seem as strong anymore, and so we were able to escape; and it seemed that the zombie-like beings would still be attacking the school long enough for help to come control the situation.

The people with me and I ran to the fair, warning people to stay away from the school along our journey, and at the fair I remember seeing coach M talking to his son (my former classmate) AM about how he used to push AM too hard to be a great baseball player; and I stopped for a moment as I was able to see flashbacks of some of their memories as they talked, which was amazing & emotional, and coach M apologized to his son AM.

I then interrupted their conversation to warn them about the situation and to ask them to help me warn other people, as the people with me and I did the same while trying to defend the fairground for when the zombie-like beings & alien-like beings came, and so they started helping us warn other people; and there was a bit of a panic as we tried to warn everyone.

Suddenly I heard an explosion from where the D High School was and I saw a mushroom cloud like from a nuclear explosion, and then a flash & shock-wave moved across the area toward us; but I accidentally stopped and repeated this part of the dream, because I was afraid of us dying from the explosion.

This time the explosion did not seem nuclear and it did not come all the way to the fairground, and there were several explosions and secondary explosions, and I was able to see all of this from the sky like a camera person.

It seemed that someone detonated the underground levels under the D High School (probably with a nuclear bomb(s) that were part of a self-destruct for the underground levels), they detonated a large bomb to destroy the school & the area near it, and the secondary explosions were to make the entire area sink underground; probably to help cover up evidence of the zombie-like beings & alien-like beings until they could clean up & cover up all the evidence, and the underground nuclear explosion would also give them an excuse to seal the area for many years as they clean up & cover up the evidence.

Everyone was in a panic after the explosions, even the people with me and I, since we had no idea who caused the explosions and since the first explosion would have killed us all if I had not stopped & restarted the dream causing a non-nuclear explosion on the surface; but it seemed that all the zombie-like beings & alien-like beings were probably dead.

The people with me and I tried to decide if we should investigate the explosions or should we help the panicked people or should we run, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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