A Messed Up Shotgun

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Dream 1

I barely remember part of my last two dreams from last night, with both dreams taking place at my grandfather’s house during the day, and my uncle CE was in my grandfather’s yard in the first dream; but he left at some point, and I saw my cousin ME at some point but he left too.

I went over to my grandfather’s house to check his mail & get his newspaper for him and I noticed a sport utility vehicle (SUV) parked in the street & next to his house, and I thought that it belonged to my cousin ME or my uncle CE; and so I decided to drive the SUV in my grandfather’s yard so that it will not be in the street blocking traffic, the keys were already in the SUV.

After moving the SUV I started to wonder if it was really for my uncle CE or my cousin ME, and I started to worry a bit; but since it was close to where it previously was, I stopped being worried, knowing that who ever it was for would find it easily.

Dream 2

I am not sure if the next dream was connected directly to this dream or not, but I remember walking toward my grandfather’s yard and maybe someone called me to ask me to check my grandfather’s house; because a few strange automobiles were at his house, but I am not sure if someone really called me or if I felt that something was wrong.

Either way, I remember walking to my grandfather’s door which was open but the screen door was closed, and the house was dark; and I felt that someone was robbing the house and/or that my grandfather was in danger, and somehow I had a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun & I sneaked into the house to face who ever was in the house.

I entered the house quietly like I was trained in clearing houses & I was not afraid, I checked my corners, and I decided to clear the right side of the house first since I heard noises on the left side of the house; the right side of the house was clear, and so I crossed the middle room to the left side of the house next to my grandfather’s room, and down the hallway I heard voices.

I hid partly behind the doorway of the middle room pointing my shotgun down the hallway, and then I saw a man with a gun who seemed to be stealing stuff, and so I told him to stop what he was doing & to drop his gun & that I had a gun & that I did not want to hurt them but I would shoot if they did not stand down.

Instead of following my advice the man tried to shoot at me and so I went to shoot him, but the trigger on my shotgun was hard to press & it got stuck like it was messed up; the man fired a shot at me, but then I finally shot him, but then two or three other men ran out of the room shooting at me.

I tried to pump the shotgun action to release the shell but the action would not release the shell like it was messed up/stuck (I was shocked that the pump-action shotgun was messed up like that, since they are usually more reliable, and easier to un-jam), and so I had to run outside as the men chased me shooting at me (which was messed up, since I could have killed the men inside if it were not for my messed up shotgun, everything was going great until that point); and I wanted to move them away from my grandfather’s room (I am not even sure if he was in the house or not, but I did not want to risk them finding him, even if he was sleep), since they had not checked it yet.

The men ran outside through the hallway door toward their automobiles, and there were more men with guns with them by the automobiles; and they all looked and sounded like your stereotypical racist, country, militia, gun obsessed men.

I ran outside across from them by the mail box, and a short shoot-out began; but my shotgun was still messed up, and so I only was able to shoot one or two of the men, before my shotgun broke completely.

I was now unarmed, out-numbered, and afraid as the men yelled racist & angry things at me (yes they had annoying country accents) while trying to shoot me to death with pistols, rifles, and maybe a few shotguns; and so I ran inside of my grandfather’s house trying to throw things on the ground to slow them down, as I ran up stairs trying to find some of my grandfather’s old guns.

Unfortunately, the men reached the second floor before I could find a gun, and so I climbed to the roof to escape; and outside my grandfather’s yard I saw my dad doing yard work & I saw a fictional dog that I somehow knew, and so I yelled for my dad to get into my grandfather’s truck because some men with guns were trying to kill me.

I jumped off of the roof to the ground and I ran into my grandfather’s truck in the driver’s seat & I told the dog to jump in, the dog jumped in the truck took like he could understand me, and somehow my dad had the key to the truck; and so I cranked the truck up in a panic, and I started trying to reverse the truck to the street as the men ran outside shooting at us.

In my panic I accidentally woke myself up from the dream, after waking up I wanted to go back to sleep and fight the men with my dream powers if I could manage to go back into the dream as a lucid dream, but I could not go back to sleep since I had already slept long enough.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


There Is Nothing Below My Pay Grade

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I almost forgot everything that I dreamed about last night due to muscle pain from lifting weights too many days in a row (I finally get myself to start doing some more strength training, which I am not a fan of, and then I over-did it & now I am sore 😀 ), having to wake up & jump out of bed to run to the bathroom due to something that I ate yesterday that made me sick, and I had a bit of a sore throat which combined interrupted my sleeping & dreaming & caused me to forget almost all my dream fragments; but I managed to barely remember a few random dream fragments after I went back to sleep (but I kept waking up & going back to sleep because I was afraid that I would have to run to the bathroom again due to stomach sickness), so I will type them to help keep my dream recall from decreasing if I am lazy & not bother recording my dream fragments. 😉

Dream 1

One dream fragment is very unclear but I remember a man who looked like a fake version of DashieXP (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube and another man, who were both on a dock near water, and they were filming video with their video camera while doing funny stuff; and at some point they saw a boyfriend and girlfriend in a boat on their way to the dock, and so they decided to hide & film themselves trying to shoot the boyfriend with a bow & arrow and a blowgun or crossbow or something like that.

The man shot the bow & arrow and almost hit the boyfriend, somehow the boyfriend & girlfriend did not hear or notice the arrow hit the dock near them, and then the fake DashieXP looking man shot his weapon; but he missed too, and it made a loud noise that caused the boyfriend & girlfriend to realize that someone shot at them and so the fake DashieXP looking man jumped into the water with a life vest on.

The fake DashieXP looking man was afraid that they would call the police, he was already in trouble with the police about something, and so he swam across the lake in a panic; and when he reached the other side, he climbed to shore, and he ran away. 😀

The man bribed the boyfriend & girlfriend not to call the police, for $20 maybe, and then later that day he found the fake DashieXP looking man; and he told him that he did not have to worry about the situation, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

I remember another dream fragment that took place inside of my parent’s house in the living room, and my dad kept coming into the living room clicking buttons on the computer mouse for the laptop; my dad had no idea what he was doing, like in real life 😀 , and he looked like an annoying kids just clicking buttons for no reason.

I watched my dad wondering what in the world was he trying to do, I was slightly annoyed and slightly amused, but mostly annoyed; and I tried to ask my dad what he was trying to do, so I could try to help him.

My dad was too focused to notice that I was talking to him, like he does in real life sometimes, which was even more annoying.

I noticed that the desktop / wallpaper was black like the computer had an error or was in safe mode or had a warning that Microsoft Windows was not activated yet or that the current Windows was detected as not being legitimate (a boot leg), and so I tried to tell my dad that something seemed to be wrong with the computer and that I would need to check it when he was finished.

I asked him if he was trying to open the internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) to watch some YouTube videos or something, but he once again became too focused on clicking buttons to hear me talking to him; and so I gave up trying to talk to him, and then I woke up. 😀

Dream 3

The last dream fragment that I can barely remember took place in down town D during the day, and a government agent of some kind had come to investigate a case in D; and all the local and state law enforcement officers were wondering why a high level government agent had been sent for such a small/minor case, he must have been a CIA agent or a NSA Agent or a FBI agent or something.

The man wore a tan trench coat & probably a tan fedora hat, I think that he looked like an old-style agent almost, and I remember the local & state law enforcement officers watching him & talking about various rumors about him; and they were mostly relaxing around town eating & drinking, like in real life, instead of working on the case.

The agent was focused on the case, unlike the others, and he stood out from the others & from the rest of the people in town; he just did not fit in with/in D, but he did not seem to care, and his focus was on solving the case.

The agent talked with various people about the case, he looked at evidence, he looked at the crime scene, and he started his own independent investigation it seemed; and at some point I remember some law enforcement officers joking with the agent, and they asked him what was he doing working a case below his pay-grade, and they laughed.

The agent paused not laughing, and then he said/joked that he was such a low-level agent that there was nothing below his pay-grade, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Google Cover-Up And John Jr Is A Member Of The Royal Family?

I almost forgot all of my dreams from last night except part of my last dream, which was interesting & a bit strange, and it took place at a fictional mansion that is sometimes in my dreams; but it looked a bit different, sometimes the mansion looks slightly different.

I think that I was working with a large company that I think was Google, and this mansion was owned by them and some of us employees & some of the high level people at the company were staying at the mansion for maybe a special retreat/vacation/or something that the company was having; and there were various activities, food, drink, but I can not remember these parts of the dream.

I just remember it being night-time at some point and I went to sleep in one of the many rooms on one of the upper floors that had a bunk bed and a twin or full-sized bed across the room from the bunk bed, I laid on the top bunk (bed), and a stereotypical weak looking/nerdy looking employee who was probably a computer programmer came into the room to sleep on the twin or full-sized bed across the room from me; and later a high level person from the company came into the room, and got into the bottom bunk (bed) below me.

I think that the high level person from the company was a man at first, but later he was a woman, or he was a man and later he was temporarily replaced by a woman; I am not sure which is correct, the dream gets confusing at this point, but I think that the high level person was a man.

I just remember the high level person from the company having a mental/emotional breakdown and/or a drug induced crazy moment, where he or she started moving around the room in a rage talking to him or herself and attacking things, it was dark in the room; and the other employee and I woke up, and we were a bit freaked out by the high level person’s behavior.

The other employee was across the room were there was more light and he was very afraid, and at some point the high level person noticed him; but fortunately I was in a darker part of the room and I was being still so that the high level person would not see me.

The high level person started yelling and talking crazily at the man, and tried to attack him; and so I started yelling for security or for someone to come help, and then I tried to distract the high level person and I tried to calm him or her down.

I managed to distract the high level person long enough to avoid anyone getting hurt, but the room was a mess now; and security or help arrived to deal with the situation.

Another high level person with the company, probably a woman, came to cover up the situation; and since only the man and I had witnessed the incident, she offered us a deal to keep quiet about what happened.

She said that they would try to get the high level person some help, he or she was too important to fire, and she would temporarily replace the high level person until he or she was well enough to help lead the company again; and until then they would keep that person away from the public, and this incident was to never be talked about.

The woman offered the man a deal where he got a huge bonus ($500,000 – one or more million dollars), a higher position in the company, and a guaranteed job with the company where he could not get fired; in exchange for his silence on the incident, and he agreed to the terms of the deal.

The woman must have did a quick investigation on the man and I, because she told me some shocking news before she offered me a deal; she told me that she discovered or someone discovered that I was a member of the Royal Family & one of the people in line for the throne & that the Queen wanted me to move into her castle/house immediately.

I was shocked and I told the woman that she must have me confused with someone else, but she said that they were sure; and that I was to pack immediately, because the Queen was sending a helicopter and/or plane to pick me up.

I guess that the Queen wanted to meet me for herself and to have me prepared/trained as a member of the Royal Family or something like that.

The woman offered me a deal for my silence about the incident which was a huge bonus and I would get lifetime retirement like I had done 20 or more years at the company & my contract with the company was to be instantly ended like I had worked 20 or more years, and I agreed to the terms of the deal; and I started packing my stuff, and at some point a helicopter and/or plane came to pick me up outside to take me to the Queen’s house/castle.

The next morning we arrived in whatever country that the Queen lived at her house/castle next to a sea with a dock with her huge yacht/boat next to it, and the Queen and her son or grandson (a Prince) greeted me.

The Queen was an old woman with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and she might have looked a bit like Queen Elizabeth II or maybe she was Queen Elizabeth II, but I am not sure; and her son or grandson (a Prince) had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair.

The Queen told me that they were preparing for a trip to another country on her yacht/boat, I forgot the details about the trip, and so a butler & maybe a few other workers were assigned to me to help me move some of my stuff in the house/castle and the rest of my stuff in the yacht.

I am used to doing things myself usually and so I told the workers and the butler thank you but I can move my stuff myself (in a nice way, to show them some respect), which surprised them, but the butler still helped me anyway; and we talked as we moved my stuff, and the butler was explaining things to me that I needed to know.

On the ship and around the property I was getting along well with many of the workers such as the ship captain & his crew, security, and various other workers, and I would ask them if they needed help with anything; and I was interested in helping get the ship supplies and everything ready for the trip.

At some point while I was on the ship, the butler gave me a smart phone/mobile phone that every member of the Royal Family gets that probably had encryption & other security features, and it had a data plan so I could use various internet related services (I never had a data plan in real life for a mobile phone, yet).

I was excited about all that was happening, it was amazing, and at some point while I was helping on the ship I got an email or message on my new mobile phone; and I thought that it was just an email or message welcoming me to the Royal Mobile Phone Service/or whatever it is called, and so I tried to open the email or message but my phone froze for a few seconds.

I then felt that the message probably contained malware that was probably trying to infect the operating system of my mobile phone to allow a hacker to gain access and/or to send files to the hacker, I felt stupid for not reading who the email was from first, but then a message appeared on the screen that said that malware was blocked & that there was an attempt to remove the malware and that I should restart my phone to finish the malware removal process; it seemed that the Royal Mobile Phone Service and/or the phone had anti-malware software installed on it, but I was not sure, and I wondered if the malware was trying to trick me into restarting my phone so that it could infect the boot-sector (MBR) and so I decided not to restart my phone.

I told the butler what happened and I asked him if there was someone who worked on/in communication(s) security on the ship, he said yes & told me where they were, and so I decided that I would tell them about the situation; but first I wanted to connect the mobile phone to the USB port on my computer so that I could scan the phone for malware with several anti-malware scanners, and then I would go talk with the communication(s) security experts on the ship.

I think that my scans found no malware, so the Royal Mobile Phone Service anti-malware software had removed the malware successfully it seemed, but I was still going to report the situation & have them check the operating system to make sure that it was not damaged or compromised.

I was a bit surprised that someone had tried to attack/gain access to the Royal Mobile Phone Service and/or my phone so fast, since I had just gotten my phone, but it was a reminder that their phone service was a high value target that was under almost constant attack(s) probably; and so I would have to be more cautious, which I usually am, but I was caught in the excitement of all that was happening & everything was happening so fast. 😉

Before I could do that the butler told me that the Queen wanted to see me on the deck of the ship, and I went outside to see what she wanted; and the Queen and the Prince were on the deck waiting for me.

The Queen told me more details about the yacht trip that we were going to be taking soon, she told me about a few other things, and she told me that we would be making a trip to France in a few months; which made me even more excited, and I started wondering if I could get a tutor to help me improve my French language skills for the next few months so that I could be able to understand & use French more effectively.

I looked forward to learning more French, and maybe learning some other languages in the future.

I also looked forward to traveling around the World, exercising & training in hand-to-hand combat/mêlée combat/ranged combat with the security team, training with the communication(s) security/computer/networking/electronics team, and more.

The Queen and the Prince then walked down to the area near the docks for a morning routine that they would probably do each morning with a few members of the security team/the Royal Guard, who wore dark-colored uniforms and they looked pretty tough, but I decided to just watch them from the deck while I talked with the butler.

Part of the morning routine was like a silly stretch/warm-up exercise where the Queen and the Prince each had a Royal Guard holding them in the air a bit while they helped them twirl a black umbrella or black object around in circles; and it was funny watching this and the butler & I laughed a bit while we watched them. 😀

They looked so serious and stiff as they did this routine, it was funny, but I woke up as the butler and I talked & laughed a bit while watching them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂



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I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, which was a strange & confusing combination of things, and it took place at my grandfather’s house, a fictional area, and my parent’s yard.

I remember being inside of my grandfather’s house with several people and connected to or next to my grandfather’s house was a fictional area that was either connected to the house directly or we saw in on an electronic device of some kind, this area had a pool and next to that was a tall building with a lot of windows, like a building in a big city.

Several things happened in my grandfather’s house that I can not remember, but at some point I remember seeing parts of a show that was a combination of RecklessTortuga from YouTube (some of the cast and some of their style of comedy) mixed with a reality TV show mixed with something else; and I think that the dream between things happening in my grandfather’s house and things happening on that show, so this dream is very confusing.

At some point maybe the cast of the show were at the fictional area that might have been connected to my grandfather’s house, and they did a skit where they jumped around doing crazy stuff where they were partly injured after each stunt; and after that maybe the cast of the show came to talk with the other people and I in my grandfather’s house.

I wish that I could remember what happened in my grandfather’s house during most of the dream, because I think that it is important, but I can not remember; and I just remember leaving my grandfather’s house and I remember finding/coming across a naked woman who looked like the Ashlyn Rae, but I can not remember how I met her or why she was naked or anything else exactly.

I just remember sneaking her into my parent’s yard, it was dark or gray outside, and we went into one of the storage buildings in my parent’s yard; to avoid her being seen naked, to maybe try to find her some clothes, for some privacy, for her safety, and maybe a few other reasons.

The naked woman acted puppet-like/robot-like/zombie-like/et cetera, sometimes in some of my lucid dreams & some of my regular dreams, certain dream characters seem to almost have no personality of their own, like they are part of me & like I can control them & they do whatever I say; so I literally have to tell them what to do or ask them questions for them to talk or for them to do almost anything.

This part of the dream seemed almost semi-lucid and I was partly hoping to have some private time with the woman, sexual opportunities in my dreams are rare and almost always get interrupted and/or stopped and/or censored, and so at this point I was trying to avoid any other dream characters seeing us.

I remember looking through the windows in the building to make sure that no one was around and I remember starting to talk to the woman, I probably had to ask questions to get her to talk, and I was trying to get to know her a bit & I was trying to understand her situation; and I had noticed her puppet-like/robot-like/zombie-like behavior where I had to literally give her commands for her to follow me & for her to go in the storage building & I had to literally help her a bit to walk up the step to the storage building & I had to ask her to stay away from the windows & to wait in a certain spot & she would do everything that I asked/said & her only form of communication was probably short simple responses to my questions or commands.

I felt a bit weird like any possible sexual contact with the woman would be like taking advantage of her or almost like having sex with a mostly lifeless robot or something (because she would do anything that I asked probably & she seemed to lack her own personality), and so I started to talk/ask the woman questions to better understand her & her situation instead; but then the usual interruption happened and some of my family & some other people came into the storage building to hang out or something.

I found a blanket or something for the naked woman to cover herself with and I asked her to wait in a comfortable corner area in the storage building, and I stopped to see what some of my family & the other people wanted; and as usual there was no real or clear reason for their interruption, other than to interruption/stop any possible sexual or intimate contact that I am having or might have as usual in dreams, then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


3-27-2012 | Dream Fragments | Something Is Not Right

Human blood magnified 600 times
Human blood magnified 600 times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My last dream was a bit strange/crazy/scary and I am not sure how I transitioned from the dream before it, I just remember that the dream before it took place during the night in & near my parent‘s yard, and my brother CC and some of his classmates were hanging out outside late during the night after a party or dance or something like that.

CC and some of his friends/classmates were hanging out next to some automobiles on the left of our parent’s yard near where the red house used to be, and on the right side of my parent’s yard under the tree next to our aunt JE’s house is where the rest of CC’s classmates were hanging out.

I was outside in our parent’s yard for some reason and at some point some of CC’s classmates on the right side of the yard asked me to give CC a message, and so I went to the left side of the yard to give CC their message; there was more to this dream, but I can not remember the details.