Being Human (North American) + Sanctuary + An Underground Hotel = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember some of my last dream, due to waking up several times and going in & out of the dream, which took place in a fictional version of D during the day, night, and the next morning.

I remember going to a fictional version of the area next to the trail where the A Plant and C Factory should be, in most of my dreams this area is almost always a fictional version of the real area, and there are many variations of it which look very similar.

I am not sure if I was alone at first or not but I remember exploring this area, which is a nice place to get away from most people and distractions, and I usually like walking through this area in the dreams that I have of it; and at some point I found an underground entrance, and I went inside of it.

I can not remember most of the details, but I know that the underground area seemed to be a nice large hotel-like place, and there were mostly non-human beings in the underground hotel; and I remember being with several non-human beings some of whom were from the TV show Being Human (North American TV Series) such as: the vampire (Aidan Waite), the ghost (Sally Malik), and maybe the werewolf (Josh Levison).

We were exploring the underground hotel and we came across various non-human beings and one group of non-human beings, who were probably mostly vampires, were hostile; and they wanted the underground hotel to themselves, and so we had some arguments and fights with them.

Some of us wanted to use the underground hotel as a secret safe area where mostly non-human beings could live, get help, train, learn, et cetera; but some wanted the underground hotel to themselves.

I am not sure if I was human or not, I think that I was at first and that several non-human beings offered to turn me into whatever they were, but I am not sure if I accepted any of their offers or not; I just remember helping some of the new non-human beings (ghosts, vampires, werewolves, et cetera) train/learn about their species, and trying to help unite many of the non-human being together to help defend against the hostile non-human beings.

The underground hotel was actually a very nice place with a somewhat formal look with nice lighting and stairways with nice carpeted floors in some areas with nice hard floors in other areas, and there was a lot of space; and it felt like a great place for a mostly non-human headquarters/sanctuary/living area/community.

At some point we came across some of the people from the TV show Sanctuary such as: Nikola Tesla (Vampire) and The Big Guy (Big Foot), and they joined us in our goal to unite some of the non-human beings and to defend against the hostile non-human beings.

I remember that the vampire from Being Human (US), telling us that the hostile non-human beings (mostly vampires) were going to fight hard, and that the situation was a War to them; and that we should be careful, because they were sending for help/reinforcements, and that Mother was probably going to come lead them to take over the underground hotel.

So the vampire, the ghost, Mr. Tesla, The Big Guy, and I went to the surface and got into a van; and we were going to guard the entrance to the underground hotel, and I decided that I would go look for people to help us such as; Helen Magnus & other members of the Sanctuary, other people from Being Human (US), some of my family/friends/other humans, and various non-human beings.

Mr. Tesla was looking into making things that could help give us an advantage in the war, The Big Guy was watching security cameras that he had set up on the van & he was communicating with Mrs. Magnus, and the vampire & the ghost were each teaching/training a new vampire (someone who had recently became a vampire) & a new ghost (someone who had recently died).

I told them that I was going to leave to look for help and I told them to keep the van doors locked for extra safety, and I locked the doors & I went outside; but The Big Guy unlocked the doors, probably by mistake, and so I went back inside of the van for a minute to talk to them.

I then told them to keep the doors locked again, I locked the doors, and I went outside again; but The Big Guy unlocked the doors again, probably by mistake, I think that he was trying to lock the doors not realizing that I had already locked them.

I knocked on The Big Guy’s window and I told him that he had accidentally unlocked the doors and that I had them locked before he unlocked them again, but he started smiling; and then I started to think that he was playing a joke on me, and so we all started laughing, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


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