CW And The Graduates And Future Graduates

I remember part of my last dream from last night, which took place in an unknown place during the day, and I was in a building that had an open area on the left side of the building & a few classrooms on the right side of the building; and I was there with some high school graduates from a year before, some high school graduates from today, and my former high school class who were to be graduating in another year.

So basically I was back in high school again I guess, except that we were not in D or at The D High School, and I guess that I/we were also younger again; but I think that I had some of my old memories/feelings still, so I probably felt/knew that I had already graduated from high school years ago.

I guess that classes were mostly over for the day, I think that it was probably a Friday, some graduates from the year before had come to see the current senior class graduate, so I think that we were near the end of the school year, the current graduates had either graduated today or they were going to graduate today, and my former high school class & I were juniors again I think & so we were expected to watch the graduation experience and/or spend time with the old & new graduates before they left.

I think that my class finished classes for the day, and we went to the open area where the old & new graduates were, and we all started talking and having a good time; we mostly only talked to people in our own classes, but I do remember talking to a few people in each class & my cousin TE was one of the old graduates.

At some point I saw CW and I guess that I remembered some of my old memories & feelings related to her, and so I decided to talk to her hoping for a positive outcome this time.

At first our conversation was a bit awkward, then it became neutral, but then our conversation started to become positive; and a few of my former classmates such as K, A, and BH joined our conversation.

At some point a teacher walked us all outside so that we could walk to a restaurant or cafeteria nearby to eat/celebrate, and it was a nice day outside and there was a large concrete parking lot that is sometimes in my dreams; and we walked across the concrete parking lot to the restaurant or cafeteria.

To my surprise the restaurant or cafeteria had a nice warm feeling and look to it, so I felt comfortable, and we all sat where ever we wanted to; and CW & I sat at a small table together so that we could be alone to talk & eat.

It was very nice getting to spend positive one-on-one time with CW, it was like a very nice date, and it was like a classic private movie moment like in Casablanca or something; there was even background music in the restaurant or cafeteria I think, and the lighting in the restaurant or cafeteria was slightly dimly lit so it added a nice warm/intimate/comfortable feeling to the environment.

Things were going great, but suddenly everything changed so fast that I was left shocked and confused; when CW suddenly became angry at me for no clear reason, and I remember her angrily saying something to me about me or something.

After her angry rant directed at me she stood up, threw her napkin or something down, slammed her chair under the table, yelled or said something angrily at me, and she stormed off/quickly walked away angrily; and I ran behind her asking her what was wrong and why was she angry at me, but she kept ignoring me & telling me to stay away from her & saying various negative things to me.

I was completely shocked, confused, and a bit hurt; things were going so well, and then suddenly things changed for the worst without clear warning or reason, and CW refused to really talk to me or look at me.

I followed CW into the parking lot trying to talk to her without luck so I stopped in the parking lot trying to figure out what was going on as CW walked away back to the building, and then I went back into the restaurant or cafeteria to ask some of my former classmates if they had any idea about what happened; but I do not think that anyone knew, but I can not remember.

Eventually we all went back to the building to talk and I once again tried to talk to CW, but she ignored me and she refused to even look at me; and so I went to talk with a few of my other former classmates instead.

I was a bit sad, and so I did not talk as much during this part of the dream so the old graduates became the main characters of the dream at some point in the dream, after that the new graduates became the main characters of the dream at some point, and later after a substitute teacher came to replace the teacher who had watched us my classmates and I became the main characters.

The substitute teacher saw that I was not talking much and she awarded me with something but I forgot what it was, and she told everyone that they should be more like me; and then she started lecturing us about the bad things of today’s society and how we should act.

She lectured about how we should behave now and in the future, and how we should help be a good influence on the next generation; and she even talked about some issues that related directly to me and other men.

About working hard, moving on from your parent’s house, following our society standards of what a real man is, being a good father, et cetera; but I woke as the substitute teacher continued lecturing us on various things.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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