Anchorage Or Something / Someone Like That?

I only remember unclear fragments from my dreams last night and the order of the dreams are not clear, so I will just type them as I remember them.

Dream 1

One dream fragment took place inside of a building I think or it could have been outside, I am not sure, but I remember being on roof-top-like areas maybe in an outdoor-like area in the building; and I remember jumping around and/or working with some other people, and something happened that I can not remember.

Dream 2

Another dream fragment took place in a fictional version of the D High School that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember probably leaving the outdoor-like indoor area that was windowless with dark brown carpet & it felt library-like maybe.

I remember going to a few classrooms, walking the halls, and talking with a few of my former classmates.

My former classmate CC asked me a question about something, and I answered it; and later several of my former classmates asked me about some rumors that they had heard about me, which were pretty serious.

And these serious rumors were spreading around the school like a wild-fire, and so I went around trying to tell people the truth as I also tried to investigate who had spread the rumors & why; and my first guess was that CC had spread the rumors.

The rumors involved another classmate and/or a gang or something and criminal activities, and so the police probably were going to come question me about the rumors; and so I was annoyed by the rumors and a bit worried about certain people trying to attack me or something.

I remember talking with my former classmate AP about the situation and I asked him to help me spread the truth, before something bad happened, and he told me that he would help spread the truth.

Classes for the day ended and I walked around looking for CC so that I could face her about the situation, and then I went to the parking lot to see if the bus was still there; but I missed the bus, and so then I went to see if my automobile was in the parking lot but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The last dream fragment that I can remember took place at the W Park in D during the day near where the playground equipment should be, but there were several benches there instead; and a man who looked like he worked in military intelligence or with some secret government program approached me, and sitting on one of the benches was another man.

The man approached me as the other man sat on the bench silently, he seemed to be there for security purposes, and the man said my name & he asked me if that was me so that he could verify who I was (he knew who I was already, but he asked anyway).

The man seemed relaxed and comfortable, he asked to talk with me, but I was suspicious; and I asked him if I was under investigation or something, but I can not remember what he said but I do remember him laughing.

I agreed to talk with him and he started to ask me some questions about things that I did not know, but he kept saying that I knew about them; and he asked me to stop and think harder & I might remember.

He then said and/or referred to me by a name and/or word that sounded like Anchorage (or something like that), but I did not recognize that name and/or word; but the man was convinced that I knew that name and/or word and/or that I was Anchorage/or whatever word/name he said, and he asked me to think harder.

Suddenly after the man said and/or referred to me by that name and/or word again while telling me things that he said that I knew but that I could not remember, I started to have flashbacks of images, sounds, words, and memories involving that name and/or word; it was like I once was that name and/or word and/or I was that name and/or word.

I remember seeing flashes of an older man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair with a beard maybe, and he seemed to be a leader/soldier or something of a group; and it was like I might have been him before in the past or something, I think that he was leading a resistance or something, and certain powerful people/groups/organizations wanted to control and/or stop him.

All of this was flashing in my mind and I was starting to remember, and the man knew that I was finally remembering; and the man seemed to work for the powerful people/groups/organizations that wanted to control Anchorage/whatever the name/word was/me, before I gained all of my memories back and/or before I became Anchorage again.

I felt that the man wanted me to work for them/work with them instead of leading the resistance against them.

It was like there was something special about me/Anchorage, and they wanted to use that/my power for their own purposes before I could use it against them; since it seemed that Anchorage would usually always use his/my power against them, almost like this was a cycle or something that would happen over a certain period of time, and they wanted to break this cycle to their advantage.

I started to tell the man that I was starting to remember and that some of the questions & things that he said were starting to make sense to me now, and I wondered who or what was I and what was all of those flashes of memories, images, sounds, text, et cetera about; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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