Trailers & Commercials With One Trailer Inspired By Inception With Leonardo DiCaprio & Another About A UN-Like Group

Dream 1

I remember part of several dream fragments from last night, with one dream fragment taking place during the day outside in an unknown location, and I was there with my brother CC and an unknown man; and we were playing a video game that might have been projected in the air in front of us instead of being on a screen, but I am not sure.

In the video game we each had a small flying ship/vehicle that looked more like a small shape or dot due to simple graphics but the background graphics were better and the goal of the game was to get the most points by shooting your opponents, crashing into your opponents, making your opponents crash, et cetera.

There were random floating, flying, and stationary objects that would appear on the level to make things more challenging & interesting.

I started out very cautiously so I did not get many points at first but I did avoid getting shot or crashed into and I avoided crashing mostly, but that put me way behind in points so I started to use a more aggressive strategy.

I started crashing into my opponents, shooting them, and making them crash a lot while using defensive strategies; and I started to get a lot of points that way.

We were having a lot of fun but the game/level ended at some point, but I am not sure if I got enough points to win or not; that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I remember part of another dream that took place during the day in downtown D where the Mental Health Clinic should be, but there was a small cinema there instead; and several people and I went to see a film.

I do not know what film we saw but I do remember seeing several trailers and commercials, which were pretty good, and some of them were based off of films & things from in real life.

The cinema itself was small but comfortable, even though it did not have stadium seating, and it was not crowded.

I remember part of one trailer that was inspired by the film Inception and Leonardo DiCaprio was talking through most of the trailer, using maybe a few lines from the Inception trailer, and you could see him or part of him during some parts of the trailer; and it was a dramatic, emotional, and good trailer but I can not remember what it was about really.

I remember there being a faded blueish colored lighting effect on a scene with Mr. DiCaprio in it and other effects during the trailer that helped display emotions, and I think that part of the film had something to do with his son or kids; whatever the film was about, the trailer was great, but that is all that I can remember of this trailer.

There were several other trailers but I can not remember them, and there was a commercial targeted toward women with the actor James Franco dressed as a greaser from the 1950s; and he was with a group of other greasers who were outside in a fictional area near the train tracks in downtown D near the Mental Health Clinic.

There was a hidden area near the train tracks that was hidden behind a hill and there was a dip/low area with water in it, and Mr. Franco and the other greasers walked/danced toward it as music was playing; and Mr. Franco’s pants fell in the water and you could see his white colored briefs underwear, the music stopped and Mr. Franco made a sexy face/or whatever you call it at the camera, and then he pulled his pants back up & the music started playing again.

They started to dance, take their jackets off, and they got wet by the water as music played; and the commercial was like a comedic & artsy/artistic parody of a Calvin Klein commercial or something, targeted toward the women in the audience, but that is all that I can remember of this commercial.

Dream 3

I am not sure if this dream fragment happened next or not, I think that it did, but it is confusing; it might have involved a movie trailer about a man who was challenging the government structure of a UN (United Nations)-like group (this might have been the UN, but I am not sure) mostly, but I think that he wanted to change most or all governments in the World.

I can not remember who the man was or what he looked like, but he had enough influence to get the news, people, and governments talking about his ideas; and the governments did not like his ideas, and there was a scene of a reporter was interviewing the head of the UN or UN-like group.

The female reporter was interviewing the female head of the UN-like group in the UN-like building in a dark empty meeting room with stadium seating where the UN-like members had just finished a meeting, and they were sitting down on the row closest to the floor.

The woman who was the head of the UN-like group looked very old and strange, she looked like she might not have been Human, but maybe it is just because of her strange features combined with old age.

The woman had old strange-looking skin that was a hard to describe color or colors due to the old & rough look of her skin, it might have been a light brownish color like someone who got a tan but with patches of darker colors and/or other colors from old age, and she had a long pointy nose almost like Pinocchio.

She had hair but I forgot what color or colors it was, she wore a strange outfit that looked like it could have been a one-piece-like outfit that wrapped over her entire body, but it looked formal enough.

I do not think that the woman spoke English, but I could be wrong, during the interview I thought that I could barely hear her real voice in the background like the main voice was a translator translating what she was saying.

The other voice (if there was one) was so low that I could not tell what language she really spoke but it might have somewhat sounded like Japanese from the bit that I heard but that was a wild guess since the volume was too low, and so she might have spoken an unknown language.

The woman was carefully and slowly answering the reporter’s questions, and I remember her saying that she disagreed with the man and his ideas; and that she did not think that him or his ideas deserved the attention that it was getting from the public.

I also remember her saying that she did not think that the government or governments should be changed/changed like that/changed so drastically/changed so quickly, and she did not think that the other politicians were open to change either.

She seemed to think that things like governments should stay stable/conservative/not change much/et cetera, and she did not see any reason to waste time with the man or his ideas; but that is all that I can remember of the interview.

I do remember wondering/thinking about the old woman and I wondered if she was really even Human, something was strange about her, and her outfit.

I also felt that she had led the UN-like group for a very long time, like she was a permanent leader, and I wondered how old was she; since she looked Very old (over a hundred, a few hundred years old) but she seemed to still have many years left, like she aged differently than Humans or like she was immortal or something.

Dream 4

In the next dream fragment that I remember, several people and I went to a pool party during the night, and we were dressed up in dress clothes.

There were a lot of people at the party having a good time, and several people & I jumped into the swimming pool to swim in our dress clothes; and I remember swimming around the pool, and a man challenged me to a race.

The man cheated by jumping in front of me to block me from starting at the same time as him, and so he won the race; and after the race he asked me to drive him home, after he talked with his friend’s about something first.

I was a bit suspicious and I wondered if the man and/or his friends and/or some people in his neighborhood were going to try to rob me and/or kill me and/or beat me up if I drove him home; because the man was acting suspicious when he talked to his friend’s, and he friend’s could probably have given him a ride.

I felt that he thought that I had money since the other people and I came in dress clothes, and we even swam in our dress clothes; but he did not realize that I was poor and lower class, and he did not realize that I would not be so easily tricked and/or defeated.

I started to feel angry that the man had cheated me in a race and now he probably had the nerve to try to trick me into driving him home so that him and/or some other people could attack and/or rob me, so I probably told the people who I came with about the situation, and I decided to drive the man home hoping that he and/or some other people would try to attack and/or rob me.

I wanted to test/prove myself, get revenge, and teach them a lesson; and so I started preparing myself physically, mentally, and emotionally for a fight.

I started thinking of various ways that they might attack and how I could defend against the attacks, and I did various other things to prepare.

The man had no idea that I was doing all of this and he seemed to under-estimate me, which was good for me and bad for him, and I remember us leaving the party in my automobile; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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