3-21-2012 | Dream Journal | Dreams And False Awakenings And Semi-Dreams And Semi-Daydreams | False Awakenings

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Wow! I am finally back in the real World?

I woke up with the memory of at least 5 dreams in my mind and I started typing them, but then I realized that I was not really awake, it was a false awakening; and then I really woke up, but then I felt too relaxed/sleepy/insleepacated/indreamacated and I had a false awakening semi-dream where I was thinking of my dreams and typing them again.

During both false awakenings I remembered even more of my 5 or more dreams, I even had a few more dreams, but then I realized that I was not really typing my dreams and that I was actually in bed still. 😀