3-22-2012 | Dream Journal | A New Job And A Kid Gets Killed

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I remember part of my last dream from last night, which involved me getting a new job, and my job was at a windowless one story building with dark-colored carpet that was a combination of my former job building and a fictional version of the KR H Elementary School.

This job was basically a fictional version of my former job it seemed, the building was a rectangular shaped building, with the main hallways being up higher than the side hallways, which were a bit sunken in the ground; and so you would walk down a small slope in the hallways to reach those areas.

The building had an elementary school or pre-school combined with the building, with teachers and young kids, and the job areas were sometimes on the same hallways as the classrooms.

The back of the building had a cafeteria for the kids and a break room for the teachers and for us workers, near the left side of the building was the offices where the secretaries and the management worked and it was mostly sealed off from the rest of us, and the rest of the left side of the building & the middle of the building was probably work areas & classrooms & bathrooms & storage areas.

I remember walking toward the office when I first arrived for work but I am not sure if I met the management or not, but I do remember thinking about the CEO Mr. V but I am not sure if he was there or not; either way, I was glad that I did not see him most of the dream, if I even saw him at all.

My work area was on the right side of the building on a hallway in a room that looked like a classroom, we shared the hallway with some classrooms, and there were separate bathrooms & water fountains for students & for teachers & for us workers.

My former Team Leader Mr. L was the Team Leader of my work area, it was great to see him again & so I felt pretty comfortable, and the rest of the team were some of my former classmates & random people I somewhat know like DH‘s cousin AR & a few unknown people; but I am not sure what our job(s) was or what we were supposed to be doing.

I do remember being pretty comfortable with my co-workers, especially with Mr. L leading the team again, and I remember talking and probably learning a bit about my/our job.

At some point it was break time and I remember being one of the last people to leave the room since I was talking with someone, and I remember a classroom of kids either moving to our work area or I was talking with someone in their classroom for some reason; and I remember briefly talking to a few kids as well, and then I went to the bathroom & then the break room.

After the break we noticed a lot of people standing near the hallway to our work area, and my cousin ME & a few other people were carrying a mattress covered with a white sheet with the shape of a dead kids body under the sheet; and someone said that a girl had been killed during the break, and that it seemed that she might have been attacked by a wild animal but it could have been a Human.

Her parents were already there and standing outside of the hallway with the other people mourning, the police were on their way, and so now the building was on lock-down; and no one seemed to know what happened exactly or if there was a wild animal or murdering Human still in the building or not.

I remember going into the room where the girl was killed but I am not sure if that was our work area or if I was just checking the crime scene, I remembered briefly talking with the girl & a few other kids before I left the room for break earlier, and so I was saddened & curious about finding out what had happened; and at some point I think that the police arrived to check the crime scene and to talk with people, and I probably shared what I had seen before I went to break.

After that I returned to our work area as we all waited during the lock-down, waiting for the management and/or the police to tell us something, and so we mostly talked about the situation as we waited; and at some point the lock-down ended, and the management probably said that we could go home & school was probably cancelled for the day.

I remember Mr. L telling/asking me that he wanted me to either become the new Team Leader or the Vice Team Leader, which surprised me, but I think that I either wanted him to continue being the Team Leader or I was not sure if I wanted to be a Team Leader of Vice Team Leader; and so I told him that I would think about it, and we all started to leave for the day.

DH’s cousin AR had me follow her, her brother, and her sister to their home near the building; which was located right outside of our work area across the parking lot in a dock area near water.

The weather was nice outside and the dock area looked like how a dock would look on Eastside, if we had one, and so it was a lower class/poor neighborhood where only a few of AR’s family members lived in shack-like houses with old small boats in the water for transportation on the water; I am used to this so it was like being in my neighborhood, and so I was pretty comfortable.

I remember going inside AR’s house to meet some of her family members, watch some TV, play some games, fix a computer or something, and then we went boating on their small old ugly boat(s); which was fun. 😀

AR’s family was very lively and we had a good time, even though we were in a small somewhat rundown poor neighborhood with shack-like houses & small old ugly boats, but I woke up as we were boating across the water.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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